Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Let Go ~ Go On.....

Well, I've finally learned to do just that! It's only taken me 46 years! I still have lots of things I need to get rid of and lots of things I probably still could, but I need to keep them for a little bit longer. I try to look at everything through Broc's eyes and determine if it would be anything he would even want to have. I did put some things aside to give him, or at least ask him if he's interested in them. Thank goodness the "pack-rat gene" passed him up this generation. I mean, I keep everything, or I did. I put this little picture up right where I can see it and everytime I start having second thoughts about throwing something out I look at it and imagine myself hiking out in the woods, or canoeing down a river and what in the world use would I have for 1,000 pencils {unless I glued them all together & made a raft}. You see, that's how my brain works. I don't just see something for what it actually is, I imagine it's future potential and, when I start doing that, the pack-rat gene kicks in and I "save it for something useful". The only "usefullness" that ever became of most of this stuff was a collection place for dust bunnies, or tiny little critters that became trapped in the boxes & bags. I felt really good bringing that huge car full to "The Salvation Army". They tend to employ people that have slight handicaps, or slow minds. When one of the boxes was being taken out of my car, this cute little man that {it was obvious} had somewhat of a learning disability, or "touched - like my grandmother would say" grabbed a stuffed frog out that croaked "Jingle Bells". Why my Mother even thought I would want that is beyond me. However, I did keep it for 3 years for some unknown reason. I guess because I thought it had "sentimental value". Anyway, the whole trip was worthwhile when I saw the huge smile that came upon this man's face. It made me feel so good about giving stuff away. I told him to be sure and keep that for himself, which I think he probably did.

The box for "Etsy labs" has been transferred to yet another even bigger box. I'm going to be sure and have it all ready to mail out no later than Saturday {before the rates go up}. As it is now, it will probably cost about $50 just to send. But that's ok. If even one person smiles as big as that man did when he saw that frog, it will be money well spent.

And so, my little peeps, I hope you are having a wonderful day and I'll just leave you with a kiss from Lita (she was actually eating grass, one of her favorite pastimes) & this awesome quote:
"What I do with today is very important because I will be exchanging a day of my life for it"
xxoo & peace ~ Kathy


  1. I bet when Etsy Labs gets your box they will praise your name!
    Barney grazes too! It's the weirdest thing!

  2. Either that, or they'll think I'm a wacko for having all this stuff to begin with. Yes, Ozzy discovered the lemongrass and now that's all he eats. Dogs are so funny :0)

  3. It's amazing how much 'stuff' we accumulate! When we travel, we travel light. And when we come home, the house seems so cluttered with 'stuff'; although it's really not. IMO.
    We have a rule around here: if you're going to bring something new into the house, you have to get rid of something.

  4. I like that rule Katie! That's why I need to sell lots of jewelry, so my "supply" can catch up with my "demand" {that will never happen}. Hee hee :0)


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