Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dogs, Mamas & Mozilla Firefox!!!

So I used to be one to keep up with all the trends, as far as technology goes. I mean, I love all that "geekie stuff". I have 3 computers, 2 digital cameras, an iPod, a PDA, a camera phone, a server, 2 external hard-drives, 5 printers, etc., etc. Of course, it's all outdated already! I mean, I can't keep up anymore and about 3 years ago I stopped trying. When they came out with the "Blackberry's", I decided that sometimes I need a little quite and I'm not important enough to have to stay that "connected. And now with the new iPhones and those silly looking "blue tooth" things, I've just about thrown in the towel all together. I told Wayne that if he ever saw me with one of those silly things attached to my ear that I would hope he would grab it and throw it as far as he could. I mean, when I see people with those I just want to ask them if they realize how silly they look. They look like "Quark" from Star Trek, just sillier. Maybe it's just me. Anyway, I've been hearing a lot of "buzz" from different places about "Firefox" and how great it is, etc. So after a whole day of getting prompted for a dial-up connection, freezing up and getting "Not Responding" from Explorer, I decided what the heck, it can't be any worse than this crap. So I downloaded it and can I tell you, believe what you've heard. It is way faster than Explorer, no freezing up, no dial-up prompts, no "Not Responding", etc. Plus the toolbar is so easy to use and don't have all of that garbage mumbo jumbo that Explorer had. I love it! Now I have it on all 3 computers and I feel "connected" with the geekie world again {a little}.

Everything checked out fine for Lita @ the Vet, except she can't stand when they try to mess with her butt. I took a stool sample with us just so they wouldn't have to look back there and promised her that they would not touch her butt. Unfortunately, they still had to take her temperature. Poor little thing, you should have seen her. She had that butt pressed down on the floor so hard that both of her back feet were stuck up in the air! I had to literally lift her off the floor, feet sticking out and all, so they could take it. So then I had to promise her a new toy from the Pet Supply store when we went to get her heartworm prescription filled. She didn't even want a new toy. She walked up and down the aisle and just wanted to get out of the store and go home. She just about yanked me to the ground trying to get in the car to leave. I got her a new little toy anyway, of which Ozzy promptly ripped a hole in to get the squeaker out, which i think he thinks is "his job". I mean every toy they get is distroyed within minutes if there is a squeaker in there. I wish they made dog toys without them. So just as I'm thinking this, I get a convo from "Larksmoon" on Etsy wanting to know if I would trade something in her shop for one of my "Head Bangers Ball Bracelets". At first I thought, well here we go, somebody wanting to trade but don't really have anything I want {which is usually the case}. So I take a look and see that she makes these cute little "imps" that are just adorable:

And I think! Perfect dog toy!!! She's making them for me without faces, since I wouldn't want to see her hard work all slobbered on an ripped up. I'll let you know how they work out. I can't wait for the "taste test".

Well I spent most of the day with my Mom. I had to bring some "Shrunken Ex-Boyfriend Bracelets" over to "Nature's Treasures", even after they swore no customers of theirs would ever buy anything that horrible. Well, this is the 2nd batch. I guess they just don't realize how many boyfriends, or girlfriends {since I sold one last week to a fellow that calls it his "Shrunken Ex-Girlfriend}, are worthy of being shrunken! Anyway, we had a great day, grabbed some yummie lunch, visited with friends & enjoyed each others company. So now I need to get going and decide what's for dinner. Hope you are having a great week! I'll be back soon..

xxoo ♥ & peace ~ Kathy

Then give to the world the best you know
And the best will come back to you.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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