Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year Resolution….

I haven't read her book, but I know Teri Hatcher wrote one called "Burnt Toast". I had read an insert from it and I know what she feels like sometimes. Basically it means that she had never put herself first and was always trying to please others. If she made breakfast for her family {for instance}, she would always take the toast that was burnt, or the smallest cookie, etc. I've always lived my life this same way and I sometimes tend to let others walk all over me. Wayne really gets upset when somebody takes advantage of me because he knows that I'll never say anything. So, I made this little necklace and decided that this would be my New Year Resolution for 2008 ~ Be Bold and not let people take advantage of me anymore {we'll see how tough I can be}. I'll let you know when I break my promise to myself. I also bought a brand new Mary Engelbreit calendar and will be sharing some of her awesome little paintings & words of wisdom with you throughout the year. The one I picked for today is most appropriate for the topic, I would say:

I made this wonderful little necklace last night that I just love! So I'll share it with you and leave you with well wishes for a wonderful weekend:

Off to clean house & make a grocery list for my guests {Chuck & Van} that are arriving tomorrow. I'm looking forward to their visit!

Xxoo & peace always ~ Kathy


  1. Great necklace! Great resolution!

    I just can't imagine that about you. I pictured you just the opposite. But it's nice to know that you're growing some big ones now! And I bet they'll end up being bigger than Wayne's! (I wish I could grow some big ones too sometimes!)

  2. You crack me up, Ginger. Actually, that's the reason I stopped doing custom work ~ people would walk all over me. I finally just said, "no, I don't do custom work" and then leave it at that. Anyway, it's easier to say "no" when you say it to everybody. The best to you in 2008! Hope to see you this Spring or Summer ~:0)

  3. I keep looking for that book "Burnt Toast" at the library. It sounded like it would be good.


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