Friday, January 18, 2008


Well, we finally got some snow & lots of it! We had a great time playing in it yesterday {for more Snow Pictures, click on the photo above}. Ozzy & Lita both love it! Lita decided that it tastes pretty darn good, too. My awesome little friend, Katie sent me a wonderful recipe for "Snow Cream". I'm going to try it this weekend when we get some fresh snow. Right now the snow is a little packed down and crunchy on top. I'll certainly post about the Snow Cream here, once I make it, so stay tuned. I made a huge pot of "Santa Fe Chicken & Corn Chowder" and it was yummy. We made sure we have enough "supplies" in the house in case we can't go any where for a few days. It looks like it might warm up enough today to melt what's left of yesterday's snow and then we'll get more tomorrow. So, I think we may take advantage of the melted slush and to out for dinner this evening. I don't want to turn into "Jack" from "The Shining". Because, as you all know, all work & no play makes Kathy a dull girl. I did make this rather charming little necklace yesterday ~ it's for Sale in the Shop if you want to look closer:

So I'll leave you with this precious little picture & quote from Ms. Engelbreit and hope you have a wonderful weekend! Stay Warm!!!

Xxoo & peace always ~ Kathy


  1. Let me know how your snow cream turns out. You know, you can add cream or half and half for a richer snow cream. We rarely have it on hand though, so the recipe just says milk.

    My fingers are crossed that we get snow this weekend. My Flexible Flyer is ready to go!
    Stay warm.

  2. I wanna see pictures of that! We don't have a sled yet, but our driveway would be fun to fly down :0)

  3. Oh, I bet that snow cream is going to be delicious!! Pssst...just don't eat the yellow snow!!! Hehe!


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