Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Good Friday!

Sometimes I think way too much! But not today…..I just did mundane things, got some dirt ready for my herb garden {nothing much} and just piddled around the house. We were going to go out on a hike, but my computer decided that it wanted to "not think" as well, so I ended up fighting with it for over an hour so I could get my labels printed for the packages I was mailing out. Finally, I got it to work. I was so frustrated by then that I just wanted to chill out. Now I'm much better and will be headed over to a friend's house for dinner in just a bit. But before I go, I had to announce this weeks winner of the necklace:

It's still a little damp from being in Ozzy's mouth. He didn't want to drop it, but he finally did. Congratulations, Jennifer!!! I hope you enjoy it. Now, next weeks prize is this:

It's the "She's Got Legs" Anklet ~ Perfect for Spring & Summer! All you have to do is comment on THIS blog post to be entered into the drawing for next Friday. Good Luck! I hope you are all having a "Good Friday", so I'll leave you with this video from the Mariachi band last night ~ enjoy!

Xxoo & peace always ~ Kathy

"Health, contentment, and trust are your greatest possessions, and Freedom your greatest joy"- Buddha


  1. My computer is also going crazy and I'm about to chuck it out the window!!
    I'm so happy Ozzy chose me, that made my, otherwise crappy day, very happy.
    Please give Ozzy a scratch behind the ears for me.
    Let's keep our fingers crossed that the tech gods will see fit to line up the planets and fix our computers.

  2. I really want to know how you come up with the names of your jewelry? I love all the songs that you have chosen and every week after I read your blog I end up with that song stuck in my head! I remember dancing at the disco to She's got Legs!!!
    Happy Weekend!

  3. i like mundane days :O)
    yay for the mariachi band....

  4. Well, I guess those planets lined up yesterday, Jen! My computer {fingers crossed} is acting much better now! I hope you love your necklace and Ozzy sends his *licks*. Rosanne, I just wrote about how I name my jewelry and it's here
    Happy Birthday, Lora!!! And Happy Easter to all :)


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