Thursday, March 20, 2008

It’s Official ~ Spring & Critters {Go Hand In Hand}!

And what a better day to have for the 1st day of Spring! It was absolutely gorgeous outside. Wayne bought four flats of tulip & hyacinth bulbs that are just beginning to "peek" from the dirt. I got them all planted today {among the tree roots & rocks, that is}. Way down yonder in Louisiana all I ever had in my soil was clay and sand. Here, it's all tree roots & rock, mixed in with bunches of earth worms & skinks! I guess I never knew that skinks lived in the dirt, but then where the heck else would they live? Especially when it's cold outside. So of course, I had to "Google" them just to find out which ones I may encounter and thank goodness I live in "Transylvania" and not "Tasmania", or I just might happen up on one of these little fellows:

Although he's rather cute {in his own little way}, I don't think I'd be to happy if I accidently dug him up! And the more I look at him {now maybe it's just me}, but don't that tongue look a little bit like a doll arm! And you know how I feel about dolls, so I'm kinda liking this little fellow more and more. In all honesty, dolls creep me out way more than this little guy ever could.

So tonight is "Mariachi" @ the local Mexican Restaurant and it seems as though it is becoming a regular event for us. Even though the entertainment is only about a 2% comparison to what we were used to getting @ Arzi's, we just have to take what we can get. It's kinda like eating frozen yogurt and pretending it's homemade ice-cream – you know what I mean! It still taste "good", but not as "good" as it could. So to make up for it, we drink 60 oz. Dos Equis Beers and make the most of it – we always have fun!

Don't forget the drawing tomorrow!!! If you haven't commented on last Friday's post, you can do it right here. Good Luck & Happy Spring!

Xxoo & peace always ~ Kathy

"The path of life is a road to nowhere. It is a balance between insanity & reason. It waits for no one, promises nothing, yet nothing else exists, except the path" – Michael Robinson {1992}

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