Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hints, Tips & Smart Advice... actually the name of a book I have, but I always thought it was quite a "catchy" title. Now I'm not sure about how much "smart advice" I can give, but hints & tips I'm pretty sure I have plenty to share. What I understand from most people on Etsy is that their biggest challenge is pictures. Of course, when you are photographing jewelry, the challenge is even greater. I've found that you can get the best pictures outside, under the shade of a porch, with indirect sun light, or even better on an overcast day. Use the "macro" setting on your camera and get the lens as close to your subject as possible, without losing the focus. Take at least 10 pictures, at all different angles and use whatever props you have available. I have a giant seashell and several big flat rocks {readily available around here!} that I use most of the time. I also have several childrens picture books that are great for backgrounds, as well:But I guess the most important thing is software, so you can lighten/darken your pictures and crop them to the all requested "Etsy Square"! I personally use "PhotoShop CS Version 8.0", but there are lots of other options. If you want to purchase software, "PhotoShop Elements 5.0" is great. It's not very expensive and you can purchase this book "Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 Classroom In A Book" that will teach you hands on lessons on how to use the program. But, if you want something for "free" that is totally awesome, I would suggest downloading "Picasa 3" from Google. It is a wonderful program and allows you to do tons of really cool things with your pictures. I promise you will love it!

Well, I gotta run for now. I'm feeling a little better ~ I hope I'm on the downside of my cold. But before I go, I must share these awesome little earrings I made this morning and please do check out the shop ~ I have several new things in there from yesterday :)
I named them "Dogwood In Fall", because they were inspired by the Dogwood trees that are bursting with these awesome little red pods right now:I hope this post helps a few people. Check back tomorrow for a post about a camera "flash diffuser" that is absolutely "free" and works great!! Have a wonderful day!

xxoo & peace always ~ Kathy -

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