Sunday, September 7, 2008

Puppy Love, Ponds, Pilates & Mermaid Tails...

Lita always looks so sweet in pictures ~ of course, she's very sweet to everyone except Ozzy:But just how can anybody me mean to this sweet little face...mmmmmwah, Ozzy ;)
So one of my new friends, here in Brevard, started making these awesome Raku Clay Pendants. She also makes wonderful soaps from the Waterfall water around here. Please do check out her shop when you get a chance. She's getting ready to start selling her Raku pieces on Etsy, so I'll certainly let you know when that happens! This little necklace is just sooooo sweet ~ the little paw print is just perfect ~ I love it! And, you guessed it, I named it "Puppy Love" ~ of course, it's for Sale in the shop, if you want to grab it up ~:)
This is another one of her pendants ~ it reminds me of a "Mermaid Tail" ~ Isn't it just gorgeous! I love it, too. In fact, I hope it sells pretty quick, or I may end up keeping it for myself. I bought several pendants from her {21 to be exact}, so be on the lookout for the new necklaces.
But necklaces aren't the only things I've been making lately ~ this awesome little bracelet is just so sweet & delicate ~ it incoporates things you would find in a Pond, like frogs, fish & turtles. And the Czech Glass Catherdral beads are just beautiful, so I named this "Magical Pond" ~ and, of course, it's for sale in the shop, too :)
And then, yesterday I started my exercise routine & my Pilates again. I got everything all set up in the basement and it looks like a gym down there! I have a treadmill, a stationary bike, a rowing machine, an ab lounger & a host of DVD's! Oh, and a step, for step aerobics. I decided that I just had to do something, especially after seeing this:

And once I "master" all of my Pilates & Aerobic DVD's, I'll move on to Morrighan's Pole Dancing DVD's ~ she's really quite amazing & wearing my jewelry :) She's another person I miss terribly ~ hopefully, she'll come visit with Charlie!!! {hint, hint}

Happy Sunday! xxoo & peace always ~ Kathy

And a quote that was sent to me from Jen "If evolution is outlawed, only outlaws would evolve"

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