Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy November!

I can't believe it's already November 1st! ~ I've been living in North Carolina for over a year now! Amazing how fast time flies. One of the things I don't get by living in the woods are Trick-or-Treaters. Sometimes I really looked forward to seeing all the little ones dressed up in halloween costumes *sigh* ~ so, I just had to get my "little Jack" fix yesterday and went to see him @ his Dad's shop ~ he was helping Nick fix up the place, but they both took a short break and joined us 1/2 way on our afternoon hike......which was awesome! The gravel road winds along past this beautiful meadow that a gorgeous creek runs through the whole way.......and then there's a trail up through the woods to this awesome waterfall.We actually climbed up to the very top and sat behind the waterfall & had some wine. It was awesome:We even tried out the "10 second lapse" on my little camera so we could get a group picture:So for those who have never seen me in any pictures ~ there I am! The one on the far right with the "Jay Leno" gray streak in my hair and wearing my "Season's Don't Fear The Reaper Earrings" and my little "Shrunken Ex-Boyfriend Bracelet"! What the heck, it was halloween :) And check out my little skull & crossbones leggings ~ they rock! Anyway, we are really "squished" up because we all had to share the same rock. We stopped back by the "Duck Pond Pottery Shop" (which is actually where we had parked) on the way home, had some coffee and enjoyed the rest of the afteroon out on the deck:All in all, a wonderful end to October & Happy beginning to November ~

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I hope you had a "Happy Halloween"!!

♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

"Live In The Light" ~ Unknown


  1. That's it! I'm moving up there by y'all. It's gorgeous beyond words and always looks like SO much fun.

  2. *Yay* let me know when you get here, so we can totally hang out together! We'll have a blast :)


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