Sunday, November 16, 2008

Whew....what a day!

Well yesterday was a sorta husband ended up in the emergency room having emergency surgery @ 2 am {Saturday}. He had a severe nose bleed that would not stop {no matter how many "google" remedies we tried and believe me, there are gazillions}. Come to find out, a small artery had split and was steady bleeding. So nothing we could have done would have stopped it. It was very scary & frightening for us both. They had to call in the surgical team {we live in a small town, so a surgical staff is not on duty 24/7 at the hospital}. So they all drag in right from bed ~ I asked them if they needed coffee or something before they started operating on my husband! They assured me that they "hit the ground running" and have done it a million times. They had to go in and cauterize the artery to stop the bleeding. Thank goodness they were able to find it! Needless to say, we didn't get back home until 4:15 am yesterday morning, both thankful and exhausted at the same time. But now, after a day & night's rest, I'm feeling 100% and he's feeling lots better! You know, I felt a little guilty when I realized just how much I love him, and what in the world would I ever do without him, while I'm sitting in the waiting room @ the hospital and he's having surgery. All that's going through my head is, gosh maybe I should have cooked him some meat loaf today, or gave him a massage, or just sat with him and had a conversation. So yes, that's what I'm doing today! All 3 of those things! And of course, what better reason to also cook some garlic mashed potatoes! The ultimate in comfort foods {besides chicken & dumplings} Yippie!And I did make this awesome little necklace yesterday with some gorgeous Keishi Pearls that I got from "J.Nic Designs" on Etsy! I named it "Free Bird" and, you know where to find it :)

So Happy Sunday!! We may get some "sneaux flurries" today! I'm spelling it like that, you know, because I'm from Louisiana and everything that ends in the pronunciation of "o" - "oh" or "ow" is spelled with an "eaux" ~ you kneaux! But, before I geaux, I just have to share one these awesome little bookmarks that my dear friend Paula is making:This one is my favorite {of course} ~ please do check out her shop! She has lots of things that would make really great Teachers/friends gifts :)

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♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

"If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you." ~ Winnie the Pooh saying to Christopher Robin


  1. Oh goodness! I am SO glad your husband is ok! I know that was scary and not at the top of the list of how you want to spend your Saturday evenings!
    Hope you two enjoy your meatloaf, garlic mashed potatoes and time together today! =)
    Beautiful necklace too (as always!) =)

  2. wow Kathy. I'm so glad Wayne's ok. I'm sure it was just as stressful on you. Sometimes it's harder to be the one waiting.
    Add some sour cream to your garlic mashed potatoes as my sister does...full butter, milk, full fat sour cream...yummmmm.
    It seems as if adversity brings out lots of creativity...but let's have no more ER visits.
    Enjoy the beautiful day.

  3. Thanks ya'll!! Yes, it was very frightening, especially since Wayne is so healthy and is basically the "rock" around here. He's not a very good patient, either. The Dr. said he had to take it easy for 2 whole weeks and he's already wanting to go out and chop firewood! Thanks for the tip, Jen! 1 huge dollop of sour cream coming up :)

  4. OMG Kathy! I bet you were totally moritifed! Thank the Heavens up above that it was nothing more serious! Whew! 'Seaux' glad everything is ok. Really glad to hear that.

    I hope you get Sneaux!! Kevin and Bill went camping this weekend in the mountains of southwest Virginia to go biking on the Virginia Creeper trail with the boy scouts. It snowed yesterday and they came home a day early soaking wet and cold to the bone! That'll teach 'em to go in November! ;)

  5. Hee hee ~ but I bet you had a nice "quiet" evening by yourself, Ginger, which will make it totally worth it, unless they both get colds! Men! can't live with them, can't live without them ~ and they are such whiners when they are sick! ~:) And congrats on your 400th sale, too!!!! Yippie!!!

  6. Oh Kat, so sorry to hear about Wayne, but I'm so glad that he's OK. Pretty scarey! And splitting wood is NOT a good thing to do Wayne! All that pounding!?!

    We had our first snow flurries yesterday. There were a few, tiny flakes, but hey, snow is snow. Right?

  7. Thanks Katie! And yes, Snow is Sneaux! :)

  8. Yes, kityikana! It was very, very scary! I'm glad everything is okay with him! He's already getting "antsy" about taking it easy, though. Thanks for all the concerns, everybody! Ya'll are the best!


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