Monday, March 2, 2009

Hello Snow!!!

Woo-hoo ~ we finally got some snow that actually hung around for a little bit! We were beginning to wonder if this Winter was going to just pass us by. I took this picture on the way up to "Caesar's Head State Park", but as soon as we crossed into South Carolina, the roads got really bad. Apparently they don't have the equipment to keep the roads {at least this road} clear. Right after we went around this curve there were a couple of trees down and the road got really slippery. So, we just turned around and came back home. Luckily, the roads were good enough around here for the mail person to come:And Ozzy & Lita had a blast! Lita kept running Ozzy up under the bushes and snow kept falling on his head. He didn't seem to mind, though :)So after a hard day of play, we are getting in the hot tub to watch the sunset. But first, I have to congratulate Julie of "Gypsy Moon Designs". She was the winner of the "Peace" bracelet from last Wednesday's post. Be sure and check out my blog post this coming Wednesday {March 4th} for your chance to win something awesome!!! I want to also take this chance to congratulate one of my dearest Etsy friends, Ginger Wagner {msbelle} She is the "featured seller" right now on Etsy!!! Yay, Ginger!!!! You are so deserving of this! Your work is awesome. Enjoy the ride :)

Happy Monday!!
♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

"The innocent brightness of a new born day is lovely yet." ~ William Wordsworth


  1. I'm glad that, you too, finally got snow!
    When I saw the front page and the featured artist, I screamed! I was so happy to see that it was Ginger. She's a peach.


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