Monday, March 9, 2009

The Sky!!!

Check out the treasury I made on Etsy yesterday! It's just chock full of awesome stuff! And speaking of awesome stuff, Ms. Katie {} was the winner of the little Happy Buddha Necklace from last week's post! Congratulations, Katie! I know you'll love this little guy. Please do check out Katie's shop when you get a minute. She makes some really cool stuff.The Moon has been amazing the last few nights! I guess that's why I've been thinking a lot about moons, stars & suns lately. So this is a little bracelet that I made today, totally inspired by the moon. I named it {most appropriately} "That's Amore'" ~ of course, it's for sale in the shop if you want to see more of it. So last night Wayne got out the telescope and I took some pictures of the moon through the lens. They're not "perfect" of course, but I was pretty impressed with the outcome:And the rest of the evening was pretty great, too! Wayne and I get in the hot tub and we can come up with some silly things! As of late, we've been buying the "Fish Eye" wine in the box. Well of course, the box wine has a plastic bag inside of it with a spout. So last night, after the wine was gone {no we didn't drink a whole box last night!}, Wayne inflated the bag and we were using it for resistance and doing arm & leg exercises with it. Then we start thinking about what other things we can do with it {you know, recycling}, and here are a few things we came up with:
  • Use about 50 and make an inflatable bed
  • Use about 100 and make a raft
  • Use about a gazillion and insulate the house
  • Fill them with water and take them in the backpacks {best idea}
and we went on & on. So here's todays challenge! Give me an idea for the wine bags and I'll let Wayne pick what he thinks is the best and the winner will get this:It's called "Good Night & Good Luck". So, with that being said I'll leave you with this aweswome picture of the Sky and I'll say to you "Good Night & Good Luck"!!!Happy Monday! ♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

"May life's greatest gifts always be yours ~ happiness, memories, and dreams." ~ unknown


  1. I would say, fill them with air and strap or superglue one onto the sole of each of your shoes and you have a "walking on the moon" bouncy experience, which would be perfect for whimsical moon-viewing night adventures!

  2. I won! :)
    The moon has been awesome. We went up to Crystal Lake this weekend and camped. I love camping in a bright moon. It's easier to keep an eye out for the mountain lion.

    As far as what to do with wine bags, I don't know. I've never seen them. It sounds like y'all had your thinking caps on that night!

  3. take them to the beach with you and fill them up with the air from the night sky. you can uncork them when you need a whiff of ocean breeze. keep reusing them too to bring the vacation air home.

  4. Wow, a couple of awesome ideas so far! And Katie, I'm jealous!! I want to go camping! You need to try the box wine ~ it would be great for camping {no glass} :)

  5. I love your treasury! I am going to go over and comment on it!

  6. I love looking at the moon. There is a Maya legend of a rabbit in the moon and you can see him. The ears are about 1:00, belly about 9:00. No cheese in our moon, just a bunny rabbit.
    Cheers to wine; in a bottle or a box, the grape is awesome!

  7. Hee hee ~ I think the look of my blog is inspired by the "grape" :) I'll have to look for the rabbit tonight ♥

  8. Some ideas for the wine bags are to:
    1. Fill with air and harness 3 of them to Ozzy and make a flotation device to send him "down the river" when he gives out on the hiking trail.
    2. Cut off the top and use it to gather "found objects" on your hiking adventures and then come home and mosaic tile or make jewelry out of the rocks and goodies that you find.
    3. Fill one with air and use as packing material when shipping a terrarium to a friend :)

  9. OMG, Melanie! You should totally be making stuff with wine bags! And Ozzy certainly could have used them yesterday! He's such a couch potato! You'll have to read my blog post for today and get the scoop :) The winner will be announced Monday morning!!!! Good luck everybody :)


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