Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I wish I were an Elephant...

....just so I could remember "everything". I used to be able to remember every single thing, even things I didn't want to. Now I have to write certain things down, or I will totally forget. Usually when I'm thinking about more than 1 thing, plus I always have that record player going in my head, which further adds to the memory loss :) It's not that bad, though (yet). I almost forgot to post today and let you know what I'll be giving away next Monday! By the way, that little elephant is one that belonged to my Grandfather. It was in a fire at some point {I'll have to ask my Mom, or my Aunt, if she knows when} and that's why his little trunk is kinda messed up. Anyway, he lives safe & sound in my curio cabinet now, along with lots of rocks & crystals ~ I always smile when I look at him......the same way I smile when I look at this little fellow! So, he is the give away for this week! Just click on the picture of him to see more details. Of course, all you have to do to win this "Happy Little Buddha" is comment on this post. The winner will be announced Monday {March 9th} ~ Good Luck!!!!

I hope you are having a wonderful week ~ Happy Wednesday!!
♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

"That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet." ~ Emily Dickinson


  1. Kat, it's called 'sometimers'. I've got it too!

  2. You're awesome, Katie!!! You make me smile on a daily basis and I love you for that ~ ♥

  3. We call it mentalpause. I have it too.
    Love the elephant. Clancy's great grandmother was a sculptress and there is a sculpture of hers of elephants.

  4. We always joke that my son is really an elephant because he can remember _everything_--even stuff that happened when he was 2 years old. It would be a mixed blessing to have such a powerful memory (some things are better forgotten)...

  5. I love my gift! Thank you so much!

    so I have given your blog an award....go to my blog to check out all the hype!

  6. Sometimes I feel "blessed" with a short memory. I don't know if it's actually getting worse or I'm just noticing it more. oy.


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