Monday, November 16, 2009

Censored Art & Mountain Tops....

Ahhhh....the weather has just been gorgeous here!!! So yesterday, we hiked up to the top of "Black Balsam Knob" with Ozzy & Lita {mistake}. I don't know why Ozzy thinks everything {dogs, people, lizards, cats, etc.} need "herding". We got all the way to the top of Black Balsam Knob and I got someone up there to take our picture for our Christmas Cards this year {which I think turned out really good}:And then Ozzy decided that this little fat Jack Russell Terrier up there somehow needed herding. Well, the Jack Russell wanted no part of Ozzy, or his herding, so he started running and Ozzy started chasing....they went half way back down the trail and then half way up another mountain, with Wayne and the Jack Russell's owner on their tails yelling "stop, sit, stay, wait, etc." to no avail! They finally stopped, on their own, and just stood there, looking at each other. Well, the Jack Russell's owner was very upset {understandably, since Ozzy was about three times his size}. He started yelling at Wayne about keeping the dogs on leashes, if we can't control them, blah de blah. But, his dog wasn't on a leash either and obviously, he couldn't control his dog, so I think he was mad @ Ozzy, Wayne and his own dog. I just kinda giggled to myself, since nobody was hurt and both Ozzy and the Jack Russell certainly could use the exercise {hee hee}. It was a beautiful day, though and Ozzy & Lita had a great time:I think I'm going to get this one printed & framed.

So, the winner of the "Bird Girl Journey" necklace is Jen!!!! Yay!! Ozzy loves you!!! He actually "licked" #1 and then grabbed #2 and tried to eat it! Thanks for posting comments, everybody!! Check back Wednesday for holiday shopping updates/discount codes & shipping information. Plus, another awesome "freebie"!! Ya'll are the best!!!!

Well, I decided NOT to do the after Thanksgiving show in Cashiers @ the cute little cottages. Although, it's cute and a great idea, my art ended up being ridiculously censored. I was told that this venue is geared more towards "upscale" art, rather than "funky" and that they did not want any "New Age" or "Fundamentalist" items there, namely "Skulls, Shrunken Ex-Boyfriends", Peace Signs, Goddesses or Fairies". Well, all of you that know me, know that most of my items would fall in the "funky" category! Actually my banner, my business cards and the sign on my car say "funky jewelry for your inner flower child" ~ so "humph" ~ they can keep their "upscale" clientele and I'll keep my funky peeps, like ya'll!! And this was a "juried" show! So, I don't know why they waited until after they accepted me and then told me what I could and could not sell! Oh well, their loss ~ my gut feeling told me I wouldn't make much money there anyway and end up wasting two whole days right after Thanksgiving, which tends to be the time I get really busy.

So thanks for listening, and loving my funky stuff!!! I love ya'll!!!
♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

"Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression" ~ First Amendment of the US Constitution


  1. Love the pic, but love, love, love the story more. Wayne must have been a saint to take that man's badgering...I wouldn't have been so kind.
    Yay for me for winning! Please give Ozzy a hug from me.
    And...good for you for not doing that show; if people can't see past their own hypocrisy/shortcomings/religion/noses...then they shouldn't have the privilege of wearing one of your pieces.
    Just my .02

  2. I just love hearing of your adventures and seeing the photos of your surroundings. Those mountains would inspire anyone :)

    I was thinking those cottages would be a super place to have a show, but it's their loss for not wanting your funky jewelry to be part of it. We love you and your jewels! How sad that they feel that way, really.

  3. Awe ~ ya'll just make me feel so awesome! Yes, Ozzy "plays" a little rough, but he's a moose! People just don't understand that!


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