Sunday, November 15, 2009

These boots....

...had been in a box in the back of my closest for almost two years! I bought them for $15 @ the Mall in Baton Rouge. One of the stores there was going out of business and these had been reduced from $198 to $15!!! At the time, I wasn't that *sure* about them, but they were funky, my size, fit good and were only $15 ~ so what the heck! I don't know why I had never worn them, but I pulled them out to wear to a Halloween Party a couple of weekends ago {I was a punk rocker} ~ I love them!!! So, I wore them on a hike the other day. I decided they are just NOT made for hiking, but CERTAINLY "Made for Walking!!!"So we walked/hiked up the Davidson River Trail a short way and the water was gorgeous! After six inches of rain, the water was flowing loud and fast ~ so peaceful...I laid flat on my stomach on the rocks and took this picture ~ I think it's my all time favorite. So tranquil...And I was soooo excited yesterday!!! My neighbor, Ron, cut me some boards for a few of my photography prints ~ I painted the edges black, then glued the print on the front and then painted a thickish gloss finish on them. The gloss is awesome! Not only does it give it a "painterly" effect, it makes it almost look 3-D. And, I sold the one of "Triple Falls"!!! Yay!! My first photograph sale!!! Whoo hoo ~ at least I don't feel like I'm totally "wasting my time" with my photography. But, my poor little jewelry is getting so neglected that I've decided to dedicate all of next week to making stuff for the holidays ~ so I'll be on a roll starting Tuesday! I bought several really cute ceramic pendants yesterday and I can't wait to use them!

I hope everybody is having a wonderful weekend! We're on our way to the top of "Black Balsam Knob" ` it's a gorgeous day!!!

♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

"Adventure is not outside a man; it is within." ~ David Grayson


  1. lovely picture - it looks too beautiful to be real.
    Anxiously awaiting new jewelry creations!

  2. I love the photos Kathy, just gorgeous. You really should be getting paid by NC tourism.

  3. got me thinkin...i should shop for new boots.


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