Friday, January 11, 2013

Hello, hello!!!!  Congratulations to Nichole!!!  She won those awesome earrings from my last post!!  I think Ozzy was more exited about picking "Bettie Lou" than Nichole, but I won't tell him the difference.  Enjoy them Nichole, and thanks for the comments!  I'll have to get a food dehydrator and see what I can concoct.  Right now, I'm just keeping up with my daily doings on "My Fitness Pal"...not really wanting to turn that into yet another social network...we'll see.
So who, besides me, was upset about the trapped Whales earlier this week?  Ugh, my heart was breaking...but then, here came Mother Nature to the rescue!  Such a wonderful story!  I love Whales so much, just like my friend Ashli!  They are such amazing creatures!  I drew this in my journal last night, while I was watching television and saw the updated Whale story on the news...hee hee
This is a photo I took yesterday of one of the horses down at Shadowbrook Farm.  It was perfect for this week's theme "texture" in our "2013 Project 52" group on Flickr!  And please do join the group!  It's going to be so much fun!  Next weeks theme will be announced on Monday and you can start posting your photos Tuesday :)
And if you are ever having a bad day, these sweet little donkeys can always make you smile!  So adorable and a bunch of large puppies.
Until next & peace always ~ Kathy

"Can I sing now, said the Sparrow...
not just yet, said the Owl...
one more minute, said the Sun...
Good Morning, Everyone!" ~ 01.10.13 - Kathy Hardy


  1. Thank you so much Kathy!! I will give Bettie Lou a cookie from Ozzy!
    I love your picture for this week. My guy and I oooh'd and aaahhh'd over it. So beautiful!


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