Thursday, January 17, 2013

Meaning of life & Spirituality...

People are always surprised [I don't know why] when I say that I don't believe in "God".  It's really not that I "don't believe", I just don't believe in the same God as most people.  I don't believe in the God I was taught to believe in at the First Baptist Church.  I don't worship something/someone, I don't pray, I don't go to church, I don't read the bible and I don't praise his holiness.  I also don't use his name in vain, just because it doesn't sound nice.  There, I've said it, I've said what I don't do.  But what I "do" do is believe that human beings [and all living things, for that matter] have a purpose in life and a reason for being here.  I don't know exactly what my purpose is...I may never, but it makes me happy when I do things for others.  I'm a very "spiritual" person and love everybody and every tiny being with all my heart and soul.  I see my "God" every time I open my eyes and every time I get kisses from Ozzy and every time I see a tiny little creature meandering about.  So, I guess I do believe in a God of sorts, a spiritual being, just not the same one that others believe in.  In other words, I don't think God has any control over people's lives, what they wish for, what they pray for and what happens to them.  Some people get upset when they find this out about me...maybe they just don't get why I'm so happy and so upbeat and have good things happen to me and laugh and have fun and love life...all the while not "believing" in what they believe in.  And, for the record, I don't believe in Big Foot, either.
I believe we live in a world full of good least they all started out good.  Teaching children about love, compassion and caring for the earth, each other and what they have [to me] is way more important than teaching them religion and teaching them to ask for things and pray for things to an open sky that only pours rain and sunshine.  Of course, they should be taught to be thankful for the rain and sunshine, but show their thankfulness by being a good person and doing things for others.  So that's my 2 cents on "my" meaning of life and spirituality...ah, and now it's time for my daily meditation.  Hope the snow finds you well!

love & peace always ~ Kathy

wow!  when I post my quotes at the end of my blog messages, I usually find something on the internet, or randomly open and select a quote from one of my many little books.  Just now, I opened one of my little books to this [how perfect for this blog post!]

"There is a vitality, a life force, an energy that is translated through you; and because there is only one you in all of time, this expression is unique." ~ Martha Graham


  1. The second definition of "pray," as it pertains to me when I use that word: wish or hope strongly for a particular outcome or situation. I, too, am deeply spiritual. I LOVE your blog today! I could go on forever about this topic, but will save my rant for my journal. ;) You are a beautiful soul, Kathy. Peace, Love, & Big Virtual Hugs!!

    1. Thank you, Dana...sometimes I feel like I'm missing something by not "believing", but then I've never been one to "love" without feeling it. It's either in your heart, or it's not. No sense fretting or worrying about it. You are beautiful, too!!! xoxoxo


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