Saturday, January 26, 2013

Shipping Rates & Snow Dates...

So we waited and waited and waited for the snow to show up yesterday and it never did!  All we got was nasty freezing rain that made our driveway a skating rink.  And Wayne was wanting to try out his new toy, to see how it worked in the snow:
 We do know the ice chains on the tires work really well, so *yay*!  And you would think, since I stayed inside all day, that I would've gotten a lot of things, just organized my colored pencils ~ lol  Oh well, like the saying goes:
But I did manage to stay warm with some delicious Hot Chai and a hot bath that was yummied up with pure Moroccan rose water...may have to repeat that whole scenario today!
 So now, for the sucky news...looks like the United States Postal Service has been approved a rate increase, which will mainly impact International Shipping rates.  International Shipping rates will increase by 100%, starting Monday, January 28th.  I had no choice, but to drastically increase my shipping rates, as well.  As you all know, I don't make any money on shipping.  My shipping charges cover packaging, labels and actual costs of shipping, only.  In fact, at the end of the year, I'm usually in the "red" on my shipping costs.  But that's okay, because my customers are worth it.  I just hate that the rates have gone up so much that most of my international customers will probably stop purchasing things from me, which will hurt my little Etsy business a lot.  And it's not just me...I'm sure this drastic increase will hurt lots of small businesses that are already struggling to stay ahead.  So that's that...nothing we can do about it, but I just wanted to give you a head's up.
Well, I gotta run and go through my's time for the annual " Brevard Women's Clothing Swap" tonight!  We have so much fun!  Looks like there will be about 50 women there this year.  We all bring clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry and accessories we no longer want and have a huge swap meet!  Last year I got some really cute PJ's, a hat and some boots!  So fun!  I'll post photos in the next day or so from tonight!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

love and peace always ~ Kathy

"Work is not always required...there is such a thing as sacred idleness, the cultivation of which is now fearfully neglected." ~ George McDonald


  1. I am sorry to hear how the shipping rates may effect your business. I really hope it doesn't change things too much.
    The women's swap sounds like so much fun. I don't think we have anything like that in my area but what a great idea. I wonder if my girlfriends would be interested in doing something like that! :D

    1. Thanks Nichole! Me, too! The clothes swap is awesome! I think you should try and get your friends to do it! I'm going to blog about it tomorrow. xoxo


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