Monday, January 23, 2017

An open letter to Ashley Judd and Madonna...

Well, ain't you somethin?!  Something my daddy always said to me when I was really proud of myself, or had on a new always made me feel special.  And, I'm sure both of you are feeling pretty darned proud of yourselves for your tirades and hate speeches over the weekend --- "bravo" --- some of your best performances, I hear.  No, I haven't watched, or listened...I don't need or want to.  The reason being, neither of you represent me...or, any other woman I know.  Neither of you have ever lived in government subsidized housing.  Neither of you have had children wanting something you couldn't afford to buy them [I'm talking a $10 item].  Neither of you have written checks, knowing you didn't have the money in the bank [lucky for my, I had a friend that owned a convenience store and he would hold my checks, if I asked him to].  Neither of you have to worry about bills or going to the doctor because you can't afford to pay.  And all of these things I "lacked" wasn't because I didn't have a job!  I actually had four of which I started my junior year of High School, at an Insurance Company and ended up working there for over 20 years!  I got off work at 4:30 and would then do data entry for a dentist office until 5:30, when I had to pick up my child from day care.  He and I would then go home to our little apartment that we were so very proud of!!  Even though it was a government subsidized apartment [our rent was based on my income], it was our "home".  We had plastic bookcases full of records we would play at night, after dinner [we never had a tv].  We would listen to Journey and Aerosmith on a portable record player and play "match game" for hours [one of my Son's favorite games].  I bought a beautiful bamboo coffee table and a new couch from an actual furniture costs me a total of $250 and I financed it for two years!  I still have that coffee table!  It's the very first thing I ever bought on credit!  Thank goodness, I didn't have any credit cards...I knew they would get me in trouble!  After my Son and I would have dinner [usually something boxed or canned...I would let him have the Ravioli and I had the Ramen Noodles] we would do homework, play a few games and then it was bath and bedtime.  While he slept, I would paint base-coat on wood cut-outs for a lady that owned a painting store and sold folk art.  She would drop off a box full of raw wooden ducks, geese, cows, etc., and I would stay up to midnight, or sometimes later, getting them sanded and painted for her.  I would leave them outside our apartment door the next morning and she would pick them up and drop off more.  I can't remember what she was paying me, but it wasn't very much.  And then, on the weekends my Son was with his dad, I would work at the local flea market.  I worked for a lady that sold fake jewelry for awhile, then I worked for some people that made porcelain collectibles, then I worked for a man that sold plants, and then for the owners that sold furniture and oriental rugs.  I also sold Avon during this time, so I really had 5 jobs!  And still, even with all of that, couldn't afford hardly anything!

A friend of mine at work would get these catalogs all the time and we would look through them during our lunch break and wish and want for things in them.  One time there was this beautiful blanket and I just had to have it!  It was blue and white and had little sheep all over it!  At the time, I needed a blanket for my bed, so my friend offered to purchase it for me on her credit card and I paid her $10 a pay day until I had it paid off...I think it took me 2 or 3 months to pay it in full, with shipping!  And, to this day, I still have that blanket and use it just about every night!  I bet neither of you have a story like this, or ever had to worry about having enough money to buy a blanket!

When I was a senior in High School, I was all set to go to college, but I ended up having a baby, instead.  I've never once regretted having my Son, but I have regretted never attending college.  I was 18 years old and thought I knew everything!  And even the words to your song "Papa Don't Preach" ring true with me, Madonna!  My daddy handed me my car payment booklet and told me I needed to make an appointment with the insurance company to get my own insurance and that I couldn't live at home, once I had the baby.  I think back on that conversation now and I know it had to be the hardest thing my daddy ever had to say.  I went from a kid to an adult in a matter of hours.  I married my Son's father, at the insistence of his family, but we were both kids, so that didn't last any time and I moved into that little apartment, where we lived for several years.  My grandmother also lived in the same complex and she taught me a lot about forgiveness, letting go, tolerance and not worrying about things that may never come to be.  It's because of her that I finally realized life is way bigger than little ole me and that worrying just sucks out all of life's goodness and energy.  So no, Ashley and Madonna, you are NOT like do NOT represent women on don't know what it's like to be sexually harassed by men in power, or date raped by some guy that thought you owed him because he bought you a pizza and a couple of beers!  You don't know because you have body guards and attorneys following you around and protecting you from the general public!  No, you don't know what it's like to be a REAL woman!  You do NOT represent me!  

I honestly don't know why either of you felt compelled to jump around yelling and screaming and threatening to burn down the White House...sounds to me like you were both just seeking out media facetime and attention.  Who knows, you may both get awards for your performances!  Because THAT is exactly what they were!  Neither of you represent real WOMEN!  Give me a break!  REAL women represent ME --- women that have walked the walk.  Go back to your mansions, your servants and your glamour and stay out of the lives of us women that are struggling for equal rights!  You are not EQUAL to us!  Honestly, you both disgust and embarrass me, because now we have people like you representing women!  Give me your addresses and I will send you each a box of bonbons that you can enjoy, while wearing your silk pajamas, or floating around in your pool and watching the REAL world unfold on your giant television sets!

Okay, I'm done --- notice I didn't say anything mean or threatening, or personal about either of you...that's because my mother always taught me if I didn't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!  I feel sorry for both of you!  You have no idea what it's like to live in the REAL world!

love and peace always ~ Kathy

"New Year's Resolution:  To tolerate fools more gladly, provided this does not encourage them to take up more of my time." ~ James Agate


Donis Wolf said...

Very well said! My sentiments exactly, they do not live in the real world and have way too much sense of self importance. They are entertainment for us. That's all! A button on the TV Remote.. Next channel please... Donis Wolf

Kathy Hardy said...

Thank you, Donis! It's like what Brad Pitt once said when asked his opinion about something political "why would anybody want my opinion when I'm paid millions of dollars pretending to be other people" --- xo

Denise said...

Hi Kathy, Wow you have a wonderful way with words and I applaud you for speaking out like this. I'm so sick of all the hate spewing too, why people listen to movie starts is completely beyond me. I am so impressed by your hard work ethics and a young and love that you have in your heart.

Kathy Hardy said...

Thank you, Denise! One of the things I did every day for over 20 years was type letters and talk into a dictation machine. I learned how to type like I was talking! Hope all is well!!! xo

Denise said...

obviously I didn't !! lol...seeing some typos on my end!

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