Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sneaux Days!

It started snowing Friday afternoon and snowed all night...we ended up with about 8 inches, total.  When we moved to Pisgah Forest, North Carolina [wow, 10 years ago already!!], I was so excited about witnessing my first ever SNEAUX!  Being from Louisiana, snow doesn't happen that often and, when it does, it never sticks around for very long!  I fell in love with that initial snow fall and longed for more...that was, until day #2 and I couldn't leave the house, the mail wasn't coming, all the stores were closed anyway and I started to feel a little bit like "Jack" in "The Shining".  Even though I love days of creating and not having to go anywhere, the mere thought of NOT being able to is what bothered me the most.  I can see the Blue Ridge Mountains from right here, while I type this, and they are covered in snow...a beautiful sight, but I like enjoying it from my window.
The good thing about "sneaux days", is that it makes me very creative.  Yesterday, I made several of these gorgeous "personal crystal" necklaces.  Have you ever wanted to wear a crystal, but always thought they looked too "new age" --- these are perfect for just that!  They are gorgeous and, very unique and feminine!  Check em out!
And I have noticed that snow does add a little "magic" to everything!  I even thought about it last night when I was drawing in my journal and, it dawned on me, what if birds built nests on backs of bears!  They sure would stay warmer in the Winter!  Think about it!  
So, if you're like me, and really don't care much for snow, or Winter, you should join our drawing group on facebook!  It's so much fun!  Here's the link:
It looks like the "sneaux" is starting to melt, but today I'll be sewing!  Hope you are warm and cozy where you are!  Happy Winter!

love and peace always ~ Kathy

I'll leave you with this...a wonderful quote our yoga instructor read at the end of our practice last week --- I find it very fitting for Ozzy and I!  Enjoy!

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