Friday, May 5, 2023

Smudging vs. Xanax

I always forget how relaxing and healing "smudging" can be. Instead of reaching for a Xanax, I did a smudging ceremony, opened my windows, and did some meditation while listening to the birds. After I was done, I took a walk into the forest and witnessed two Cardinal parents teaching their baby how to fly.
Then I saw the first Mountain Laurel bloom of the year

 and a brand new Reishi Mushroom growing on a hemlock log. 
I realized then that I don't need pills to make me feel better, or make me grateful, I just need my own inner magic --- it's a win/win!

I always have to remind myself that negative energy fields can manifest as scattered emotional patterns, projects or goals which become delayed. Spiritual Influences, restless sleep behaviors, arguments or disagreements, illnesses, headaches, or visits from undesired guests, can result in us absorbing negative energy, sometimes without even realizing it – though we may feel uneasy without understanding the reason why. All of these times are good times to get out that smudge bundle.

Maybe you need to do some smudging, too! 
love and peace always ~ Kathy

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