Saturday, January 24, 2009

Be Happy!

Even if your "childhood" was not that happy, it's never too late to have a happy one! So many people seem to dwell on the past to the point where their lives are miserable. I guess it's easy for me to just tell them "get over it" and, I'm sure they try and can't. I wish there was a magic button that said "be happy" and all you had to do was push it to erase all of your sadnesses ~ ah, that would be awesome! So, in the meantime, let's just pretend that this is the happy button:Whenever you're sad, just click on it and make yourself smile! And, speaking of smiling, this made me smile:our hike up to "Maidenhair Falls" ~ the ice was gorgeous! And this made me smile, too:a little bracelet I made yesterday ~ named "Green - Peace" ~ you know where to find it!

Happy Saturday!!

"Old age is like anything else. To succeed at it, you've got to start young." ~ Anonymous

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