Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy New America!!!

What a historical & wonderful day it was yesterday!Even little Jack was excited!We had 21 people show up for the Sushi party........and it was yummy!!! We had "Shrimp Tempura", "Crab Rolls", "Tofu/Veggie Rolls", some other "un-named, but very tasty rolls", some "Edamame Pods", a tossed salad and lots of wine, and warm Sake.
We are all "professional sushi makers" now ~ here's Theresa with her very 1st Sushi Roll!!!
But, I could have never pulled the whole thing off without the help of my awesomely wonderful friend, Paula ~ not only is she a great Sushi maker, she is one of the most amazing artists I have ever met and, she's really good on the Mandolin, too!
Once everyone was full of Sushi and the inauguration coverage had ended, the party turned into a "Music Tuesday"....even Ozzy joined in on the fun ~ and he sure loved having the little kiddies around to lick!
So I think the most appropriate earrings for this week's give away are these ~ "Change The World" ~ which is what happened yesterday! A day we'll never forget.....all you have to do to win them is comment on this post. The drawing will be Monday morning. Good Luck!

Happy Wednesday!!!
♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

"Mankind are always happy for having been happy, so that if you make them happy now, you make them happy twenty years hence by the memory of it." ~ Sydney Smith


  1. Kat, yesterday was an awesome day! I parked my azz on the futon and watched TV all day, with a lump in my throat and a quivering lower lip.
    Happy New America!

  2. I hear ya! It was quite amazing. Happy New America, Katie :)

  3. Tuesday was great and in the midst of my father-in-law's visitation and funeral, it was nice to feel some hope during the sadness.
    Anyone else wonder if John Robert's screwed up the oath on purpose??
    Apparently they had a "do over" in the White House last night. Now Roberts can sleep without feeling like a dunce! And this guy holds the highest court chair in the country...go figure.
    It's a beautiful day here and life is going on...have a good one.

  4. Hee hee ~ it just made it better when he screwed up! It made him seem more human than ever. What a great day! And today is an awesome day, too! We just got done with a hike up to "Maidenhair falls" ~ I'll blog about it later. Thanks Jen!

  5. truly inspiring. I wish I had thought to have a party, too. I have never been so moved or so proud - he is already changing us. I have never felt so united.

  6. Thanks Nichole! Everybody that came to my house said it was the most fun/fellowship they had ever felt/attended. I guess the whole making of the sushi & watching the inauguration united us all, as well. It was really awesome ~ ♥


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