Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Sunday!!

So yesterday morning I was up early, loaded up my car and headed down to the Tailgate Market to set up. On the way down the hill I had to stop and catch my breath at truly looked like a painting. The light fog that had settled over the little pond was simply beautiful against the background of the magnificent mountains. At that very moment is when I realized {once again} that this is where I truly belong. All the worries of the rest of the day went away in that very second.

And what a great day it was @ the market!Lots of my friends came out to see me, including Sara & Jayden. Jayden reluctantly shared some some of his blackberries with meand I have to say that those were the biggest blackberries I have ever seen!And another gorgeous day is in store for today! I'm off to make a few new things, then head down to Lowe's to pick out paint for the living room ~ I'm thinking a greenish/gold ~ I'll keep you posted on that project. Then it's off to dinner with some of our awesome friends!
Have a wonderful day!!
♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

"Now may the warming love of friends surround you as you go down the path of light & laughter where the happy memories grow." ~ Helen Lowrie Marshall


  1. The only thing that keeps me here in AR is that it looks so much like NC. Everything here is on a slightly smaller scale, but the beauty is the're very lucky Kathy and I'm so happy, that like me, you are still moved by that beauty. Even though I've lived here 15.5 years, I still stop and marvel at the wonders around me. It really never gets old....only I seem Have a great day!

  2. Those blackberries are the biggest I have ever seen! Looks so beautiful - it has been hot, hot, hot here, 100 and over - headed to the beach tomorrow.


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