Wednesday, July 29, 2009're the first ones to know....

...I'm having a "bogo" sale in my shop starting this Friday {July 31st}! ALL beaded necklaces will be "buy one get one 50% off" {discount will apply to item of equal or lessor value}. This will be a great opportunity to start your Christmas shopping and snatch up something for yourself, since most of the necklaces that are sold will not be re-listed. I'm just giving you a "heads up" so you can take a peek :)

I have lots of new things listed also, like this awesome necklace I made today:I named it "Poetry In Motion" and I do think it's one of my all time favorites, ever!!

Off to cook dinner! Happy Wednesday!!
♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

"If one only wished to be happy, this could be easily accomplished; but we wish to be happier than other people, and this is always difficult, for we believe others to be happier than they are." ~ Baron de Montesquieu


  1. Ok, I know I shouldn't, but you know I'm gonna. I've had my eye on a few pieces...
    Love what you've been doing and wish I could hang out with you!

  2. Thanks Anita!!! Awe, Jen ~ I wish you could hang out with me, too. One day soon!!!! The world will be a better place if we met in person one day :)

  3. Thanks for letting us in on your secret! I feel like the anxious customer waiting outside for the doors to open :)

  4. Hi Kathy,
    Love your art and blog. Do you know that I still have your pendants hanging in my room so I see them often! Yep...
    I would love to win the earrings!


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