Saturday, July 11, 2009


I don't know what it is about school supplies & art supplies, but I've always loved them!! The more paper, pens, markers, paperclips, folders, hole punchers, ink stamps, etc. I can have, the better! So we went to see "Public Enemies" {the new Johnny Depp movie} after I got my social security card all applied for. Somehow the "safe place" we had put it became so safe that we could not find it, after looking everywhere {literally}. It was just as well, since I needed to change my name on it anyway. Plus, the trip was certainly not wasted! Lucky for me, we got to the theater a little early so I was able to check out the "Big Lots" right next door. Ah.....what a score!! Not only did I get several packages of scrapbook embellishments, a whole pack of fuchsia card stock {which I'll be using for my mailing labels & boxes}, I got these awesome books:and they were only $3 each! I've been "digital scrapbooking" for years, which I LOVE!!! Here is an awesome site, where I get just about all of my page kits. Plus, you can sign up to get "free stuff" every Friday ~ pretty cool. Now, I have stacks of brightly colored paper & card stock that I somehow "collected" over the years that just sits in my closet. I do use some of it often, but I could never use ALL of it {well, maybe}. Anyway, I ran across this article/video on Etsy, from the talented Ms. Mary, on how to make your own paper boxes:
this is my 1st attemptpretty darned cute! Paired up with some scrapbooking embelishments and pretty ribbon, they'll make the perfect little packages for some of my jewelry! So, the next time you purchase something from my shop, you may get a nice little surprise box, too :) Since my "creativity" is eeaking out all over the place, these are some new necklaces I just made:"Sand and Sea"

"Styx & Stones""Marquis"

welp, off to make more....Have a wonderful weekend!!

♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

"The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest." ~ Thomas Moore

P.S. The movie was pretty good {considering you get to look @ Johnny Depp for 2.5 hours}, but it was rather drawn out and boring. It could have easily been a 2 hour movie ~ but I enjoyed it, none-the-less.


  1. I always liked getting the kids boxes of school books and things too. I'm sad that Liam will no longer be home schooled, but I'll still have Grace home with me.
    You and my Mom would get along great! She loves getting a great bargain.
    I was making paper boxes a couple of years ago, out of Nat. Geo. maps and putting dollar coins in them for the kids' friends for birthday gifts. It's fun to do.
    Love the new necklaces!

  2. You are creating a monster in me!! First it was, now a free scrapbooking site!?! Too much fun . . .

    I go to Big Lots often ~ will be on the lookout for some cool scrapbooking supplies :)

    LOVE the necklaces, esp. "Sun and Sand"

  3. Er, I meant "Sand and Sea"!! Darn allergy medication is killing my brain cells

  4. Thanks ya'll!!!! Whew, I made three new necklaces & a bracelet last night. I'll be listing them later today and making a new blog post. And Stacy, just wait till I tell you about "Pandora" :) whoo hoo - off to my Zumba class ~ talk to ya'll later ~ ♥

  5. Zumba class!?! I'm sooo jealous! ;)

  6. Zumba is awesome, Stacy!!! I LOVE it!!! I'll be there again tomorrow :)


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