Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy December!!

Hey everybody!!! Happy December! First off, I want to congratulate Jen!!! She won the awesome earrings from my last post ~yay!!! And then, I want to congratulate Kay! She won the $50 Gift Certificate just by shopping with her "Thanksgiving" discount! Yay!! Congratulations to both of you and "thank you" to all that left comments on my blog, and shopped with your "Thanksgiving" discount. Ya'll are the best!! And this week you can still get "free shipping" until midnight Friday, in both my Etsy shop and ArtFire shop. You still have until December 18th to have gifts shipped out for Christmas.Even though it's not looking a lot like "Christmas" yet, it certainly is starting to look a lot like "Winter" ~ I took this picture from my front porch....makes me want a cup of hot chocolate! And I have been fighting a nasty cold, but I think I'm on the upside of it now.

I'm off to make some new things!!! Stay warm & toasty!!
♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

"The things which our friends do with and for us, form a portion of our lives; for they strengthen and advance our personality." ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


  1. Got my bobblets - love them so much, wearing them now - thanks so much - Lita, your treats are on the way!! Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well, just now getting over a nasty 2 week cold, even kept me away from the gym! Take care of yourself. Love ya girl!!

  2. Thanks again Kathy! You always brighten my day.
    I saw on the news that Asheville was expecting lots of heavy wind, so be careful!
    Enjoy the day in all it's beauty and wonder.


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