Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Books, Geekery and Chicken & Dumplins...

...I don't know what it is about books. I must just love having them, with the hopes of one day reading them all. Seems as though I'm always buying books that are supposed to "teach me something". Of course, I just jump around the pages until I *think* I've learned enough and then I move on to something else, never quite finishing the book in it's entirety. Right now, for instance, I'm reading 4 books ~ one about camping, one about HDR photography, one about PhotoShop Elements 8 and one about my camera [oh yeah, and the one about biodentical hormones that I always tend to start reading again when I have a hot flash - it's always in the stack]. I guess the thing is, they are all interesting enough and I just want to learn everything and read about everything, but only in small bursts ~ * sigh * ~ maybe one day ALL of my books will be read...that is, if I stop buying new ones!
So yesterday, I was missing my Mom and yearning for some of her Chicken & Dumplings. She would always make them for me when I was gloomy, or not feeling good. It's my ultimate "comfort food". I have never, ever made them for myself. I felt as if I did, I would be having a one person "pity party" and nobody would be there to comfort me [or wash my dish!]. I was looking in my refrigerator at that package of chicken breasts [with an expiration date of 04.01.10] and thought, "I really need to cook that chicken today". Then I went and stood inside the pantry to see what I could whip up to go along with it. Low and behold, there on the shelf was an unopened box of Bisquick ~ why the hell I had Bisquick, I'll never's certainly not like I bake, or make pancakes from scratch , or anything like that! I really think my brain subconsciously purchases items in the store that I have no control over or even remember buying. And then, like a light bulb came on over my head, I thought "Chicken & Dumplins" ~ I made them, they were awesome and my Mom would be proud. She said I could make her some next time we visit. They were so good, I had to take a picture! Of course, I also had to throw some "geekery" in ~ look close and you'll see that the picture is actually a jigsaw puzzle! If you're really bored, you can print it out on some card stock, cut it out and put it back together again! I created the picture & puzzle with "Picnik" [of course].My yard is full of daffodils!! They are popping up all over the place! Spring has "officially" arrived! Yay!! And the lucky winner of those awesome earrings from my last post is "Faye"!! Congratulations, Faye!!! Ozzy ran off with #3 this morning! I hope you enjoy your earrings!

I had to go into town this morning to get my "privilege license", so I can sell my jewelry @ the "Transylvania Tailgate Market". I'm not quite sure if that will be my "privilege" or theirs [hee hee]. Then I met my wonderful friend, Paula for lunch @ the Thai restaurant and then I stopped by to visit my awesome friends Mike & Paula and drop off a necklace that I'm donating for a benefit tomorrow night. While I was there, I gobbled up [at least that's what I felt like I was doing ~ grabbing & snatching them out of his hands] some of Mike's new glass pendants!! They are gorgeous!!! Be on the lookout for some new necklaces I'll be making with them for the shop! They will all be a "one of a kind", so save your pennies, I know you'll want at least one!

For all of you on Facebook...I found this awesome site that creates facebook applications. Most of them are "free" and they are wonderful!! I downloaded the "Twitter" one and the "Flickr" one for my "Dornick Designs" Facebook Fan Page. Check it out ~ I promise you'll be smitten!

Welp, I'm off to enjoy the afternoon ~ it's gorgeous outside today!!! I have a new necklace made to list in the shop, too....but that will have to wait until this evening ~ the sunshine don't last long enough. Have a wonderful day everybody!!!!
[wow ~ I sure was talkative today...must be that hot Chai I'm addicted to!]
♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

"We will be known forever by the tracks we leave." ~ Native American Proverb


  1. Chicken and Dumplings is my comfort food too when missing my mom and dad! My chidlren now want it when they are not feeling well or having a bad day. It definitely makes the heart feel better.
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. I LOOOOVE picnik!!! I just finished editing some Easter pictures on it...

  3. I wanna see em, Joanna!! Are you going to post them on your blog? I'm gonna go look ~ I love Picnik, too! And, it's only $25 a year!!! What a bargain!!! Love it!


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