Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hot Chai, Dog Butts & Life...

I just *LOVE* it when things outside start to "green up". I've signed up for lots of outdoor shows this year, so I hope those will turn out beneficial. I also joined the "Asheville Etsy Street Team" and we are having our first meeting tonight to discuss upcoming shows/events ~ I'll keep you posted on that. So, with all the upcoming shows, I finally broke down and signed up for a merchant account, so I can accept credit cards. They over-nighted a whole package of "gobble goop" that I have to read through and then call in for my "training" ~ bleh....I'd rather take a beating. I hate reading stuff like that! I would much rather read fun stuff like this:I just ordered the book today and I can't wait to learn more about "HDR" photography. One of my new obsessions, besides this:Hot Chai & Goat's Milk! I started buying Goat's Milk several months ago, after Wayne was having some digestive problems. Turns out, the Goat's milk is really, really good and Wayne hasn't had any problems with it at all. I would suggest trying it, as an alternative to regular Soy, or lactose free milk. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Although it's a little hard to find, most larger grocery stores and specialty stores like "Whole Foods" carry it. It's not cheap, but the benefits are well worth the extra $$.So I'll leave you with this "funny for the day" ~ Ozzy has a "hot spot" on the upper inside of his back leg. He would not leave it alone and kept licking off everything I tried to put on it. I went to the thrift store yesterday and bought these little "Thomas the Train" underpants for him! They worked!!! He can't lick his leg and he looks really cute [even though he don't think so].

Have a wonderful day everybody!!!
♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

"If you want to be happy, begin where you are, don't wait for some rapture that's future and far. Begin to be joyous, begin to be glad and soon you'll forget that you ever were sad." ~ Anonymous


  1. What a great post today. I love it all, especially Ozzy's back side.
    We've tried goat's milk, you can actually find it at WalMart (I know, I know, but WalMart is pretty much all we have here in NW Arkansas). I found that I didn't care for the flavor of goat's milk too much and have pretty much given up dairy..about 90%. No more milk in my coffee; maybe almond milk or rice milk.
    Kathy, how I wish I had a great camera and the amazing ability to compose that you have. I'll just continue to live through your eyes.
    No one likes gobbledeegook...good luck with it.
    Have a great rest of the week. I'm headed outside to enjoy the sun.

  2. Ozzy is the funny of the day - not much can top that!


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