Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring, Camping & Some Good Stuff...

....there's a light at the end of the tunnel & it's warmth, green grass & sunshine!! I've never been so ready for winter to be over with! We still have little mounds of snow here and there, but it's all melted for the most part. My little mermaid picture really doesn't have anything to do with this post, other than it's really, really cute! I love the jellyfish! Speaking of jellyfish, my awesome friend, Mike Green, makes these amazing glass jellyfish pendants. Each one is unique. I just love them! If you decide you have to have one, please tell him I sent you. Speaking of amazing stuff:
This little book is the cutest ever!!! I've decided that I want to do some tent camping this year [I'll keep you posted on that idea, for sure]. Susie Ghahremani [] is such an amazing and quirky artist! I love her style. I just recently purchased these little journals:
and I love them so much that I just can't bring myself to write in them yet. Maybe I'll take one with me when I go camping...I think the one with the Owls would be most appropriate for that.My wonderful husband made me this awesome breakfast sandwich, which I have named the "Wayne McMuffin" ~ and McDonald' have NOTHING on him, nothing! While I was crawling around under my desk this morning, transferring all of my cords [which are a gazillion] to my new surge protector and battery back-up he snuck in the kitchen and whipped this up. He truly makes my heart sing!

Happy Sunday everybody!! So tomorrow is the "Ides Of March"....and the 20% Off Sale in my shop is still good until Midnight Saturday [March 20th]...check it out ~ I just listed several new things that I made yesterday ~
♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

"So long as you are learning, you are not growing old. It's when a man stops learning that he begins to grow old." ~ Joseph Hergesheimer


  1. I love the jellyfish pendants! You know I'll probably "have" to have
    You are one lucky woman to have a husband like Wayne...just like I am with Clancy. I get omelettes on Sunday.
    I love camping too, but my friend,Angie, is the queen of camping so I'll forward a link to that book.
    Have a great week.

  2. Hey YOU! :) Love the little urban camper's book..that's just adorable, plus I know too many people who need it :)

    I always love your Mary Engelbreit pictures :) I found a girl over on Twitter/FB who does some great pen&ink art work. She reminds me of a cross between Edward Gorey and Engelbreit :)So I've commissioned my very own "Shamsi" logo from her :) i'm kinda stoked.

    Just letting you know that I stopped by!!! Just keep posting pictures of "Breakfasts by Wayne" and you'll have us knocking down the door in no time :)

  3. Thanks ya'll!! We are some very lucky women, Jen!!! And Charlie, Wayne said he would cook you breakfast every morning when you come visit! No more excuses, missy!


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