Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Best “Things” In Life…

I don't know about that. I looked up the definition for "Things" and here's what it said: thing (th¹ng) n. 1. An entity, an idea, or a quality perceived, known, or thought to have its own existence. 2.a. The real or concrete substance of an entity. b. An entity existing in space and time. c. An inanimate object. 3. Something referred to by a word, a symbol, a sign, or an idea; a referent. 4. A creature: the poor little thing. 5. An individual object: There wasn't a thing in sight. 6.a. Law. That which can be possessed or owned. Often used in the plural: things personal; things real. b. things. Possessions; belongings: packed her things and left. c. An article of clothing: Put on your things and let's go. 7.
things. The equipment needed for an activity or a special purpose: Where are my cleaning things? 8. An object or entity that is not or cannot be named specifically: What is this thing for? 9.a. An act, deed, or work: promised to do great things. b. The result of work or activity: is always building things. 10. A thought, a notion, or an utterance: What a rotten thing to say! 11. A piece of information: wouldn't tell me a thing about the project. 12. A means to an end: just the thing to increase sales. 13. An end or objective: In blackjack, the thing is to get nearest to 21 without going over. 14. A matter of concern: many things on my mind. 15. A turn of events; a circumstance: The accident was a terrible thing. 16.a. things. The general state of affairs; conditions: "Beneath the smooth surface of things, something was wrong" (Tom Wicker). b. A particular state of affairs; a situation: Let's deal with this thing promptly. 17. Informal. A persistent illogical feeling, as a desire or an aversion; an obsession: has a thing about seafood. 18. Informal. The latest fad or fashion; the rage: Drag racing was the thing then. 19. Slang. An activity uniquely suitable and satisfying to one: Let him do his own thing. See Synonyms at
forte1. --idioms.
first thing. Informal. Right away; before anything else: Do your assignments first thing in the morning. see things or hear things. To have hallucinations. sure thing. Informal. 1. A certainty: His election is a sure thing. 2. Of course; certainly: Sure thing, I'll be there! [Middle English, from Old English thing.]

A very "Broad" definition, indeed. So, it looks like the best thing in my life today could possibly be these:

Or these:

Or even this:

So whatever your best "things" in life are, enjoy them, like this little fellow did:

Off to the grocery store & enjoy the rest of the day ~ Hope you are all having a wonderful Weekend!!!

Xxoo & peace always ~ Kathy

Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before! "Maybe Christmas," he thought, "doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!" – {Dr. Seuss - How the Grinch Stole Christmas!}


  1. Thanks for posting that video...I might have never seen it - and it was totally worth watching. :) And speaking of little things - you all should see the River right now, it is totally awesome - they pulled a 60 lb catfish off of someone's trot line over the weekend!!!!

  2. We've had so much upheaval since the latter part of last year, that we've had to reevaluate our need for things, both metaphorically and literally...things.
    Small changes for the better, a beautiful Spring, waterfalls, spear points found, peony buds(hopefully not killed by the 2 day freeze we're having), my first blue egg from my new chickens...better things I think.
    Have a great week.

  3. Ya'll keep me smiling, for sure :) A 60 lb catfish!!! And I was proud of my crawfish I found up at the waterfall. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for my peonies, too Jen. Hopefully it won't get all the way down to freezing here, but right now it's snowing, so who knows ~ ♥

  4. That video is so cute and funny! It made me laugh out loud. Good way to start the morning :O)


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