Friday, April 11, 2008

You Can Take The Girl…..

…Out of Louisiana, but you can't take "Louisiana" out of the Girl! Now who would have ever thought that you could take a hike up to a waterfall and then at the very top there would be a small pool of water with crawfish in it! That's what we discovered yesterday on our hike up to "Maidenhair Falls". Although I didn't see any quite big enough for a "bug boil", I saw several *lone* pinchers, so obviously something finds the small ones quite tasty. And this little fellow sure was feisty. He disappeared quite promptly once I put him back in the water. But, he sure brought back some good memories. When my Daddy was still with us on this planet, he lived out on the river and one of his favorite things to do was have big "Crawfish Boils" on Sunday afternoons, all during Crawfish season. I remember one time when Broc was little {he was about 5, I guess}, we went out to my Daddy's for a Crawfish boil and Broc made friends with one of the tiny little crawfish. It was so little, only about 2 inches long. Broc played with it all afternoon, getting it to pinch things and trying to feed it bugs, etc.. I told him to put it in the river before we left and he said that he "did". Broc fell asleep in the car on the way home and as soon as we got in, I gave him his bath and put him to bed. So a couple of days later I started smelling something awful, like dead fish. I finally narrowed it down to Broc's laundry hamper and low and behold, there was that poor little baby crawfish, which had succumbed to the warmth and sweatiness of Broc's cargo short pocket! I thought I would never get that smell out of his room. Thank goodness for summer breezes and windows that open wide. And now it's one of those things that makes me smile, just like this is:

The hike up to "Maidenhair Falls" was just breath-taking. I keep thinking that I've taken the best walk ever and then the next one seems to be better than the last. We really enjoyed this place. The waterfall was gorgeous and the rocks were monolithic, as you can see. I love the way everything gets that fine coating of green fuzzy moss around here – it's like living in a rain forest. Now we are trying to decide where we are going for our afternoon walk today – so many choices.

But before I go – I have to announce the winner of those gorgeous pearl earrings from last Friday's Post and it is lucky #4, which is little Ms. Lora!!! Congratulations, Lora – I hope you love them. So for next week, the give-away will be these:

They are a perfect accessory for any outfit, or occasion. And all you have to do to win them is comment on THIS BLOG POST. Next Friday, Ozzy will pick another number and if it's yours, you'll win! Good luck!

I'll also leave you with this gorgeous picture and hope you have a terrific weekend!

And to all of my little friends down in Louisiana, eat a "mud bug" {or two} for me.

Xxoo & peace always ~ Kathy

"My goal in life is to be the kind of person that my Dog thinks I am"


  1. :) We must be on the same Louisiana time clock...all I can think about is Crawfish :) I even set my MySpace quote to sing the Crawfish Lady song from King Creole :))))

    Cheers woman - we bought a canoe so we can go over the levee this afternoon and paddle in the bar pits!!!! Not as great as waterfalls for sure - but at least it's in nature!!!

  2. Hee hee ~ strap it to the top of the Ranger when you come up here and we'll take you for a *real* canoe ride :) We are looking to get a canoe soon, too. Have fun!!!

  3. Wow!! There's crawfish in them thar hills!!! I just finished a shrimp remoulade salad for lunch. After I placed my order, I noticed they had a "crawfish special" w/ crawfish pie, tails, & etouffee. Should have gotten that, but their remoulade is yummy! Anyhoo, I'm going to a boil this Sunday and I'll have some for you! YUM.... my first batch of the season.

  4. Awesome, Kaye! And you have to drink a Coors light with them, too. I don't even drink Coors Light anymore, unless I'm eating crawfish! Just like I don't eat mustard on anything but corndogs & smoked sausage {but only if the sausage is grilled on the pit}. Have fun!!! ♥

  5. I keep finding out more things we have in common. I was born in New Orleans and while my older sibings went to school, my mom worked and my dad took me shrimping on our 40 foot shrimp boat in the Gulf...I have vague, but really good memories of shrimping with my dad and gatherings of friends and family for crawfish boils and going to Fitzgerald's across the Huey P for crab...then I married a guy who can't eat shellfish...too funny.
    Eat some for me!

  6. I am SO much the city girl. Even looking at that picture of the little crawfish gave me the creeps!
    Now those earrings are pretty dang cute! The beads look like little pomegranates to me.
    Hope you have a great week!!

  7. I won????? yay! woo-hoo!!!!!

    I loved that story about Broc. It's funny how things that probably made you mad years ago now brings back good memories that make you smile. Awww... i need to hug my kids, but they're at school. I'll hug them when they get home :O)

  8. Thank ya'll!!! You gals are the best! :)


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