Saturday, April 19, 2008


I just had to share this with everybody - hope you enjoy it :)

P.S. Those dogs barking in the back ground are not Ozzy & Lita! They belong to the neighbors and can be very annoying @ times.


  1. About a month ago, when my quince was blooming, I was elated to see honey bees...not just one or 2, but LOTS of them. After last year, where we only saw one bee every few days, this was exciting. We're very concerned with colony collapse disorder, and the fact that when the bees go, we may not be far behind...I forget who said that...Thoreau maybe??
    Glad to see the bumble bees are thriving as are the neighbor's

  2. Hee hee - That was actually the 3rd set of bees I've seen "thriving". I was lucky to catch them on video this time. My blueberry bushes are covered with honey bees, so hopefully the "shortage" was short lived :)

  3. that is so funny! just like a man too... do it and then just run off. ha-ha only kidding! :O)

  4. You go that right, Lora! I guess she was obviously thinking "I'm just not that into you" :)


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