Friday, June 8, 2007

"Big Lots", "V8" & The Post Office

My little picture speaks for itself today! I actually have this exact one framed. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I need to think this way. So, I get up this morning and head to the Post Office with 43 packages to send. I didn't even attempt to go to the little Post Office that I usually use, since Alan {we are on a 1st name basis} is the only person that works at that one and they are always busy. Instead, I drove across town to the "big" Post Office, which is still way under-staffed and today only had 2 people working and one of them was getting ready to go to lunch when I walked in. Fortunately she was nice enough to wait until I was done, since there were about 6 people in line behind me huffing & puffing. The gentleman that waited on me started weighing and putting postage on all of my little packages and then I noticed that he was charging me the rates for the "packages", instead of the "large envelopes", which is a substantial difference in price due to the new postal rates. I questioned this and told him that Alan told me just about all of my little packages fall under the "large envelope" rates. He said that "unfortunately, the Post Office did not do a good job of training the employees on the new rate system and that I needed to tell the clerk that they need to charge me the package rate". Can you believe it! Telling me that I HAVE TO TELL THE CLERK HOW MUCH TO CHARGE ME FOR MY PACKAGE. I failed to tell this person that one of my best friends is the Post Master in East Baton Rouge parish and is actually his boss. I'm going to e-mail her later this evening and tell her what I was told and that I'm being charged different amounts at different places. Unbelievable. But, I'm not taking it serious, because it is just so mysterious!

When I finally left there, feeling like I needed to take the "Civil Service Test", I headed to "Goodwill" to see if there was anything there I could salvage and put to use. As it turned out, I did get a couple of books and one in particular with some cute little poems. I'll add a poem from it at the end of my post. After that, I went to one of my most favorites leisure shops, "Big Lots". I only go there about twice a year and I just love to have time to go down every aisle. They always have some really great organic stuff tucked away in the nooks & crannies and I managed to score some great sauces and teas. Plus, I found these cuter than cute little cans of "V8" that we will have to start sucking down every morning when we start the "South Beach Diet" next week. They are only 5.5 ounces each, which are perfect. I have to share them with you because they are so cute:
Anyway, only 3 more days until the diet begins and I will be counting on all of you for moral support. Tonight we are having dinner @ Arzi's, of course, since we've missed it three weeks in a row because we were in NC. We are trying to convince Ross {the owner} to move to Brevard and open an Arzi's up there. We need one there very bad. In the meantime, we will just have to get in as much as we can until we leave. Most of the food is allowed on our diets, in moderation. My dear friends Chuck & Van will be joining us for dinner, so that will be a treat. They own the little gift shop "Nature's Treasures" where I have my jewelry here in Baton Rouge. I just love them - they are so sweet.

Well my little friends, I need to go water the plants outside before Wayne gets home, so we can leave for dinner a little early. And now, what you've been waiting for ~ a poem from my new little book I got today:

"I think mice are rather nice. Their tails are long, their faces small, they haven't any chins at all. Their ears are pink, their teeth are white, they run about the house at night. They nibble things they shouldn't touch and no one seems to like them much, but I think mice are nice."
~ Rose Fyleman

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  1. 43 packages?! I don't even have 43 sales total in over 6 months!
    The difference in the postage rates is ridiculous. They need to get their act together. I hope the boss tells that person a thing or two.
    I gave up dieting a loooooong time ago!! Good luck!
    I still can't get over 43 packages.....

  2. But the 43 packages is over an almost 3 week period. I wish I had 43 packages to mail a day (not really though, I would totally freak out). Yes, I'm going to call my friend tomorrow. I was going to e-mail her, but I think it would be easier over the phone. I've got to get to the bottom of the postage deal and find out how much I'm supposed to be paying. Thanks, Ginger!


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