Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hair Color & The Grim Reaper

I know I used to always say that I would grow old gracefully and never color my hair or anything. It's just such a cruel thing ~ having to look old is bad enough without having white hair, too. Why is it that hair turns white when you get older? Does anybody know? I have mine all pulled up, so you can't see my gray roots until I get a chance to go get it colored next week. Or, perhaps I'll just wear a hat, like my girl in the picture. But, I hate hats and it's 98 degrees in Louisiana! The air quality has been in the "unhealthy" range for about 3 days now. Another reason why I can't wait to move to North Carolina. So, for now I'll just laugh it off and think about what color I get it. Nothing wild though, I'll leave that to the young girls. I just don't think I would look right with pink or orange hair. Besides, Ozzy & Lita would probably be frightened. They are in the kitchen right now having their dinner. They can tell time and always let me know promptly at 5:00 that it is time for them to eat. Then Lita won't eat all of her food until Wayne gets home, so she has to lay by her bowl and guard it because Ozzy will sneak a bite every time he gets a chance. They are really funny. Anyway, I have to share these great little earrings that I made today. I just love them. I made myself a pair and I've been wearing them all day. They really look great on, especially when you are cleaning house:
I named them "Season's Don't Fear The Reaper". Aren't they cute! I also made these today, "Red, Red Wine":
Now I must go and fold some cloths and get dinner started. I have several pairs of earrings to get made tonight, plus some new things for the shop, so please do check it out when you get a chance. I got in some new things today, along with a shipment of "Shrunken Ex-Boyfriends" that will soon be adorning some awesome little bracelets. I can't wait to get started on some new designs. I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to new beads. I just want to look at them all one by one and brainstorm about their future. And so, my little peeps, Happy Tuesday and I'll leave you with a quote tonight, instead of a poem:
"Do not stop with doing necessary kindnesses; the unnecessary ones are of greater importance" ~ unknown.
♥ xxoo & peace ~ Kathy

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  1. Oh, now Kathy. I have gray hair. Have had it since I was in my late 20s. I colored it for years until I got pregnant at 40. Then it stopped. I earned every single gray hair on my head. Besides that, it's genetic for me. All of us are white/gray or some other combination thereof. I wouldn't go back to coloring if you paid me! It's classy to be gray! Go for it! :)


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