Saturday, June 23, 2007

Oh Happy Day ~

I just woke up in a really good mood today and feel like making stuff, doing stuff & listing stuff in the shop. Etsy has been really slow lately {site problems} and my sales have suffered because of it. It's not a bad thing though, because I know sales will pick up again and it's given me some time to do some other things, catch up on some things and visit with some friends. I had lunch yesterday with one of my sweet little friends, Jackie and then visited with one of my oldest and dearest friends, Pam. At the end of the day I realized how much I love them both and will miss them dearly when I move. And this evening we are taking my Mom & Step dad to dinner for a belated "Father's Day". I'm so looking forward to it. I hope we are not rushed out of the restaurant. I hate it when you are paying good money for dinner and feel like you are expected to jump up and leave as soon as you're done because there are people waiting for tables. So today, I'm saying "to bad". We are staying as long as we want and nobody is going to intimidate me.

This is one of the things I made this morning. It's another "Daisy Head Maizy" necklace. They are really popular and each one is a little different: I just love it! I also have to share my new shoes that I just bought from "". They will be most perfect for hiking and wading in creeks to look for rocks & "mud puppies". I can't wait to get them. I have an old pair of "Teva's", but they are getting a little worn and the new ones are supposed to have better arch support. I just have this thing about having my foot enclosed in a shoe. It makes me claustrophobic. So, I wear sandals all the time and in winter I mostly wear clogs, so I can get my foot out fast, in case it stops breathing or something. I know, it sounds strange, but I've already decided that I'm not normal:

I debated on getting them in one of the pretty colors that are available, but I decided that the black would probably stay cleaner & be more practical. After all, I'm not getting them to make a fashion statement. They will be here Monday, so I'll let you know how comfie they are.

Well all my little peeps, I hope you are enjoying the new look of my blog {another thing I finally got done while Etsy was being troublesome}. I'll be changing the music every Monday, so send me your requests. I'll be an on-line blogger D.J. of sorts. Have a happy, happy weekend and always remember to "Love One Another". xxoo ♥ & peace ~ Kathy

"Then give to the world the best you know And the best will come back to you"
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


  1. Hey, are those shoes "geckos"? I used to have a pair of geckos I bought in NC that I lalaloved for years. I miss them!!! They were awesome and so comfortable - great arch support.

  2. Hey Kaye! No, they are "Chaco's", which may be pronounced "geckos", I'm not sure. They are just supposed to be really comfie & form fitting. That's what I'll be using to hike in, so I hope they are all they claim to be. Besides, they were rather expensive for a sandal, so I hope they are worth it. Thanks for the info.

  3. yep, the "geckos" were pricey too, but well worth the investment. I wore them for several years and they never lost comfort. Please let me know how they are and if you like them when you get them.

  4. Very cool shoes. I have some Keen's that I love to go in the water with. Even bought Kevin a pair. These look comfy.
    Love the necklace. You do such great work.
    I caught a 'water dog' while fishing one time when I was a little kid. I think they are the same thing as mud puppies. Cool creatures. Isn't nature amazing?!

  5. I know, Ginger! I love all the little critters. I was just watching a couple of lizards chase each other across my patio. I didn't even realize they ran so fast :0)


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