Thursday, June 21, 2007

Look Both Ways & Concentration ~

So today I have a combination {quote & picture} that I'm sharing with you. I hope you enjoy it, I certainly do. And by now you are asking "what is that song playing & where did it come from". Well my little friends, it's from the Soundtrack "Look Both Ways", which is an awesome movie. It's an Australian movie that we watched a few nights ago on the "Sundance" channel. So if you are ever looking for a great little movie to watch, I would suggest it highly. And, the soundtrack is ultra awesome. Every song is really really good. I'm going to share another one in a couple of days, after everybody gets a chance to hear this one playing now. Of course, you can always stop it after you've heard enough, just by clicking on the little "square" button. Even the artwork on the CD is awesome:
So today while I'm listening to my new CD, I'm doing laundry and using this new stuff that I got @ Target. It is 3X ultra concentrated and you only have to use a tiny cap full for a whole load of wash. I just didn't see how such a small amount {which is less than what I take in NyQuil sometimes, but I'll save that story for a later post} can get my cloths clean. I guess I'm just old school and used to pouring in at least a cup full of detergent for each load. Everything looks & smells clean so far, so I guess it's working. I really like the idea of "less is more" and the more things I can do to contribute to a healthier & cleaner environment I'm all for. I don't know if I'm totally bought in to the whole "Global Warming" thing, but I do know that there are things everybody can do to make the world a better place. So the next time you need laundry detergent, give this a "spin". I promise you will feel better about doing laundry:

And so my friends, I'm off to do some Taxes {I said it, so now I've committed}. The very last ones for this year. Or, I may just watch this again:
Hope you all have a great Thursday!
xxoo ♥ & peace ~ Kathy


  1. Hi Kathy,
    I've been away for a few days and had to catch up on your blog. I like the new look. The otters were so cute and cheered me right up:O)

  2. Yay! That's what they are there for. I've been missing you. Hope you are doing good. I'm glad you like my blog changes. Is the music annoying? I can change it to where you would have to click on it to play, instead of having it play automatically. What you think? :0)

  3. For some reason I can't hear the music. ??? Any suggestions on how to get it to play?

  4. hmmmm, I'm not sure. Do you have a little music player, like "Quicktime" installed on your computer? If so, it should play. I wonder if anybody else has problems. I may need to take a "poll". Thanks, Lora :0)


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