Wednesday, May 14, 2008

LEAF {Lake Eden Arts Festival}

The very first time I visited Asheville {about 10 years ago}, I just knew that's where I wanted to live and I felt a huge sense of belonging. And when we were there, the "Lake Eden Arts Festival" {LEAF} was going on up @ Black Mountain. We didn't have time to go and I wanted to so badly. I kept the information and when I got back to Baton Rouge, I joined the mailing list. So for 10 years I've been waiting to go and we finally got to this past Sunday! Now this is a three (3.5) day festival that is held twice a year, in May and then again in October. It's located at "Camp Rockmont" in Black Mountain, NC and is situated on a gorgeous lake. Most people arrive on Thursday night and then camp out for the whole weekend. We are planning on doing that in October and I can't wait! Just going this past Sunday already has me hooked. There are so many performers and musicians and artists that I was just in awe. There are eight (8) different stages set throughout the grounds that feature an amazing variety of music, arts & dancing. Like their statement says "from Mali to St. Croix, and back to our American backyard – from Zydeco to Salsa, LEAF takes you round the world in 3.5 days". There are so many other things that go on around there, as well. One of Wayne's good friend's from the Navy {Randall Thompson} lives up here and he is a performer and was performing Sunday for the kids. It was great seeing him:

And then there is this awesome creek that runs right through the grounds and the kids take turns building rock sculptures, of which some were truly amazing:

The lake was just gorgeous – you can paddle around in canoes & kayaks and there was a huge double zip line that kids were flying down into the lake

And a rock climbing wall that was always in use for those up to the challenge:

There were also several "healing arts" tents and Wayne got a massage/adjustment for $20! And, of course, there is always that one "hot" item and it was these:

There was a lady selling these awesome little hoop skirts! They were so simply made, and obviously a "must have" for every little girl that attended. But the second to best part was the music and these are some of our new friends from Brevard ~ the "Steep Canyon Rangers":

And the very best part about the festival were these:

Our newest and dear friends Mike & Paula {whom we went to the festival with}, and everybody's favorite little baby in the whole world, Jack. His mommy puts those ear protectors on him so the music won't bother his little ear drums. He's the sweetest little kid in the whole world {at least we think so}.

What a wonderful time we had! If you ever visit this area, I would certainly encourage you to attend a "LEAF" festival ~ It's awesome!

Now I'm off to try and figure out how to patina copper {wish me luck}. I hope you are having a wonderful week!

Xxoo & peace always ~ Kathy

"Happiness isn't something you experience, it's something you remember" – Oscar Levant

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