Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A *spark* of creativity :)

So today I didn't feel like making any jewelry, so I played around with my digital scrapbooking stuff and created this:

I think it turned out really cool and if you are interested in getting a print of it, you can do so right here. I just got a print in the mail today of my little raccoon painting and it's really, really nice. Real good quality, too. And, you can barely notice the dog hair that was apparently on the painting when I took pictures of it and I didn't notice at the time:

But hey, it makes it even more special. I also made some little pendants with it, which will be for sale in the shop, once I talk to Suzanne about it and make sure it's okay with her. Well, tonight's the final night of American Idol and I don't know who I want to win. Both the David's are very talented and I'm not sure if I would buy an album from either one of them. But, never say never as I would have NEVER thought I would own a CD with country music on it {but I do}.

Happy Hump Day!!!

Xxoo & peace always ~ Kathy

A women's lip quote on *Fashion*

"It is interesting to speculate how it developed that in two of the most anti-feminist institutions, the church & the law court, the men are wearing dresses" – Flo Kennedy

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