Saturday, May 17, 2008

White Squirrels, Blue Fairies & Fish!

Day after day, the news is filled with sadness, death, hunger & war. Sometimes it can almost be overwhelming to even think about. Those are the times when I try to look at the "good" things about life and it seems like when I think about it, they always outweigh the bad. I sometimes dream of winning the lottery, just so I can give it away and help as many people as I can. Of course, the chances of me winning the lottery would be 100% greater if I actually bought a ticket! But if I did buy a ticket and I did win, I would give it all to charity, well except the 25% I would keep to spend on beads {that's all, I swear}

So one of the "good things" I was thinking about this morning are these gorgeous White Squirrels we have here. Now they are only found in about 4 or 5 other places, so we feel pretty special that we have them here. The story as to how they got here is, well, I think just a story, but hey, who knows how they really got here, so here's the story and I'm sticking to it:

According to Brevard resident Mrs. W. E. Mull, the lore of the origin of the snowy critters goes something like this:

In 1949, a carnival truck overturned near the home of Mr. Black of Madison, FL, apparently freeing several white squirrels. When Mr. Black observed the unique creatures playing in his pecan grove, he caught a pair, giving them to Mr. H. H. Mull, Mrs. Mull's brother-in-law.

Mr. Mull passed the pair of squirrels to his niece, Barbara, who attempted breeding them unsuccessfully until she married in 1951. Following the escape of one of the squirrels, Mr. Mull released the other, and they began to multiply in the wild.

The rest of the story is more or less obvious. The squirrels became more than a novelty, becoming so prized by the residents of Transylvania County that in 1986 the Brevard City Council unanimously approved an ordinance protecting all squirrels in the area. The ordinance states, "The entire area embraced within the corporate limits of the city is hereby designated as a sanctuary for all species of squirrel (family Sciuriadae), and in particular the Brevard White Squirrel. It shall be unlawful for any person to hunt, kill, trap, or otherwise take any protected squirrels within the city by this section."

Today, the squirrels thrive in the area. It is not difficult to observe several playing in the trees or a friendly back yard during an afternoon drive around town. And next weekend is the annual "White Squirrel Festival", which is always a great time!

Not only are we lucky enough to have "White Squirrels", we also have these awesome little "Blue Ghost Fairies". They were all over our driveway last night. It's really quite amazing to see them. It's like being in an enchanted forest. I tried to take a video, but it didn't come out. I'll try again when the moon gets fuller.

But the "Catch Of The Day" is this awesome little fish necklace that I listed in the shop. And since we are talking about "Good Things", I'm offering a 15% discount from right now until midnight Sunday night {May 18th} All you have to do is type "Good Things" in the comments to seller section @ your time of purchase and then wait for me to send you an invoice for the discounted amount. Easy as pie!

Off to the Farmer's Market to see what kind of "good things" I can find! Have a happy weekend!

Xxoo & peace always ~ Kathy

"Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead" – Louisa May Alcott

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  1. hehe - I think you're "working" more now than when you all were working here!
    You've been doing lots of really beautiful work lately. Not that it's not always just seems to have a little extra 'somethin' these days.
    One day I want to win the lottery just so I can make you my personal jeweler :)))


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