Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Life In The Forest…

…so as of today, all of my strawberries have been eaten by some little critter and all of my hummingbird feeders have been emptied, leaving only sticky little paw prints on the glass containers. I can only sum up that it was raccoons or bears, but have come to the realistic conclusion that I do "live in the forest" and to expect anything less would just be unrealistic. But, I'm glad that I didn't insist on a garden {other than my herb garden}, since it surely would have been only to feed everything but us. I really didn't want a garden anyway, I'd much rather visit the Farmer's Market every weekend and come back home with a sense of supporting local farmers & my community.

Well, with the "Spring" everything else awakens, along with the flowers & trees. Like this Rat Snake that we found by our front porch last year. He came out to "play" yesterday and Ozzy & Lita didn't even pay him any mind! It was like they were used to seeing him or something. He's about 5 feet long and rather docile. I tried to take another picture of him, but he quickly slithered into his "home" under our porch steps! We decided that we would let him stay, since he will be good for keeping rats & mice away. Wayne even has said that he wants to become "his friend" and maybe even try to touch him! Now this is my husband talking, a city slicker from Boston! But I have to admit, he sure has quickly turned into a country boy and he loves it!

Now, if I can keep my "Hosta" safe from the deer this year, I'll be doing good.

And these are the cutest little "Newts" I ever saw {of course they are the only ones I've seen}

Off to the post office & the grocery store ~ Hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday!!!

Xxoo & peace always ~ Kathy

Today I'm sharing a quote that my friend "Jen" sent – something her Dad said:

"Life has a flavor that the sheltered and protected never know, and I've tasted a lot of it" - Jen's Dad


  1. Sounds like you have some marauders...opportunists.
    I love the rat/king snakes...just not in the house. The kids ran into a "brown snake with diamonds on its back and a triangular shaped head" on their way to our swimmin' hole the other day. Around here this time of year, my mantra is "watch for snakes!".
    I almost ran over a copper heard mt. biking to my mail box last week...that will get your adrenalin going!
    So much to love about Spring!
    Thanks for my Dad's quote...he's a warrior poet...Viking heritage.

  2. So according to my "snake book", all of the venomous snakes with triangular heads have "vipors". That's the way to tell if they are poisonous. BTW, I named our rat snake "Henry", mainly because I personally don't know anybody with that name {at least anyone that I'm close acquaintance with} I haven't seen a copper-head yet, but both of my neighbors killed them in their yards last year *eeek* - I hate killing things, but if I see one of those I'll have no choice, just because of Ozzy & Lita. They could be killed almost instantly by one.


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