Monday, April 16, 2007

An Amazing Artist

I decided just to post this here, rather than have it at the top of my blog. You can always come to this post to see it. I love to watch it when I'm having my coffee, or just need to take a breather. Be sure and turn up your speakers ~ the music is mesmerizing. Enjoy ~
I'll be back later to post more. Have a happy Monday!!!! xxoo ~ Kathy


  1. Kathy, I showed this to my kids the other day (I had saved it in favorites from your blog a while back). They thought it was cool. It's almost "unreal" to me. I like your new blog and thanks so much for listing me in your favorite things. Maybe I'll get some more business :O)

  2. oops! The first comment is from Lora (charmednblum, charmed4).

  3. Thanks, Lora! I know, this video is awesome. Apparently she does performances and does all that on a big screen. Amazing... :0)


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