Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Saving Whales & Organization

Hey my little peeps! Hope all is well with everybody and that you didn't waste 2 hours of your time tonight watching American Idol {which I did} and now I am donating my hard earned money to help those in need {which I hope all of you did, as well}. Anyhoo, I've just been busy, busy today cleaning out, packing, throwing away, donating, making stuff, drinking to many margarittas (hee hee), etc. So, if you find any typos, please just ignore them, or forgive me, whichever you prefer :0)

Here is the first peek at my seemingly organized closet & work area:

My new obsession is "Fuze ~ Oolong Tea" It's awesome and, good for you, too.

I love my little Buddha statue. He's just so peaceful. Here he is holding a little picture that I love, created by my favorite Artist, Mary Englebright. I cut the little picture out and glued it on some mat board so I could have it forever. It says "Save The Whales" and, on that note, I made this awesome little necklace and listed it today in the shop:

And I named it, most appropriately, "Song Of The Humpbacks". I love the Humpbacks. They are just so peaceful, yet massive. Here is a picture I took when I went Whale Watching. This is a picture of a tail, which is called a "fluke":

We adopted a whale named "Coral" who is seen quite frequently in Gloster, MA, feeding on Stellagen Bank. These whales are called Baleen whales, which means that they have no teeth, but instead have these "filters" and they just ingest masses of tiny fish daily. These tiny fish are called Krill and actually look like small shrimp. Along with the Krill, the whales ingest masses of Plankton, which are tiny organisms in the ocean that are vital to the survival of most sea life.

Ok, whoever read all of this gets an "A" for the day ~ that's the science lesson kiddies. I hope you enjoyed it :0)

I'll be cleaning out more stuff tomorrow, but I'm getting up early to make a few things. I'll be listing them in the shop, so be on the look out.

Have a super great Thursday :0) xxoo & peace ~ Kathy


  1. It wasn't such a long read! I love whales too. When Kevin was 9 months old we went to Maine and went whale watching. It was so much fun.
    Your space is fantastic! I have one little box of beads and use a TV tray to work on!

  2. Well you sure manage to make some gorgeous things on that TV tray :0)


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