Sunday, April 15, 2007

Gorgeous Druzy & Words of Thanks

This is the awesome new necklace I made yesterday morning, while I drank my coffee. I can concentrate better once I've uncluttered my brain with mundane tasks and filled it with creativeness. I really like it, too. It's so clean and simple, yet striking at the same time. Of course, it's for sale in the shop so check it out.

Now, since Lora brought it up and decided that it was "okay" for me to gloat about the whole Hilary Swank thing, I decided she was absolutely right! I should be proud of myself and every once and a while give myself that all to deserving "Pat on the back", if you will. So, here is the note she sent me - pretty darn impressive, I must say so myself:

She misspelled the word "inspirations", but who's counting ~ right. We all know what she meant. I do the same thing all the time when I'm writing. Anyway, the story is, for those that don't know:

When she was in Louisiana filming "The Reaping", she purchased 3 of my necklaces from a shop where I had jewelry on consignment. One of them she wanted longer, so I fixed it for her and I also gave her a few "lagniappe" pieces as well. Not only did she send me this sweet little note, she actually did go on my website, called me and bought 19 more necklaces. She came and met me @ an Art Festival where I was selling my jewelry to pick them up and then took a lot of my things back to the set with her to sell for me (can you imagine - Hilary Swank was selling my jewelry for me). It was quite an exciting thing for me, so thank you all for thinking the same.

I'll write more later, but for now I have work to do. Thanks for reading my ramblings all the time and loving my work. I appreciate every single one of you.

xxoo ~ Kathy


  1. Woah!! I'm so excited for you! I think it's quite okay to gloat when something this big happens :)

    I just found your blog through Msbelle. Lucky me!

  2. Thank you so much! It really was awesome :0)


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