Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dolls & Artists

I absolutely adore Mary Englebright and have been collecting various things of hers for years and years. Every Christmas I get a new calendar of hers, with a different picture and saying for everyday of the year. I always saved all of these and used them sometimes for cards, or little pictures {like the "Save The Whales" one in my previous post}. In doing so, I've grown quite a collection and I just can't bear to throw them out. So, I decided that I would scan one everyday and post them on my blog, so I can share them with you and then I won't feel quilty about throwing out the paper version. Of course, these will be random sharings, and sometimes not even have anything to do with my post. I did have to share one of my most favorites with you today, though:

Isn't it the best! I just love the detail in every little aspect of the picture. It's just awesome. I try to bring the same amount of detail in my jewelry designs, but I don't think I have quite the patience as Ms. Mary :0)

Now I have to share the cutest little doll I ever saw. As a child, I was scared of dolls. They all looked so creepy to me. At night I would cover their heads with something so they couldn't watch me while I slept. I never wanted dolls and never asked for them for Christmas, or my Birthday or anything. I had some Barbi dolls, but that was about it. Any other dolls I ever had, I never played with or even felt comfortable around. So, Tuesday I was making my daily trip to the Post Office and I was starving. I hardly ever stop @ McDonald's ~ maybe 4 or 5 times a year, max. Anyway, when I do eat there I always get the plain cheeseburger Happy Meal with a coke. I'm @ the driveup and the lady says "girl or boy toy" {which I'm thinking something esle, but we won't go there in this segment}. Anyway, I say "girl" and then I get my stuff and go home. I saw this little package in my bag and just really didn't pay that much attention to it. I looked at it today and saw that it was a tiny "Wicked Witch" from the "Wizard of Oz", which is my absolute favorite movie of all time. I have 2 DVD's & a VHS. So I look at the little doll, still wrapped up in the plastic and she just looked back at me with an unmarkable stare. So I threw her in the box that I was packing up for "Goodwill". But then, I became like the Grinch or something. My heart grew 3 sizes for this little doll when I noticed that her eyes had closed. I quickly removed her from the box and the packaging and her little face lit right up. I decided then that I do like dolls {at least I like her}. I found a place for her right above my computer and looking towards my desk that I sit at to make jewelry. She's looking at me now, while I'm typing this. I decided that I need somebody {or something} to be my cheerleader, or coach if you will. I imagine her saying "you can do it" and "get off your ass and do something construtive". You see, she has to be firm, or I'll just sit and piddle all day. Not that I don't get things done, I do. Just not as fast as I would like. Now I have her to "crack the whip":

Not only did I manage to get my whole computer desk cleaned off and the file cabinet cleaned out, I had 10 packages I got ready for the Post Office {not to mention having to make everything that I had to mail}, plus I got these awesome earrings made and listed {you know where}. Please do check them out when you get a moment:

I named them "The Jetsons" and most appropriately so. Can't you just imagine "Jane Jetson" wearing these, or even "Daughter Judy". And heck, these days maybe even "His Boy Elroy".

I'll post pictures of my totally organized & clean computer desk tomorrow. My little witch is staring at me now and saying "ok, enough typing, you have things to do". And so, my little peeps, I bid you farwell & goodnight. Hope you had a wonderful Thursday and hope you have an awesome Friday. See you soon ~ xxoo & peace ~ Kathy


  1. ROFL! Girl or boy toy! Which are you, Kathy?! I'd say you were a boy-toy, Wayne's anyway!
    This is by far one of my favorite posts yet. Not only are you creative in your jewelry designs but in your thinking too! The poor little doll, you made her happy. Now she has a purpose in life!

  2. Hee hee ~ she's looking @ me right now ;0)

  3. Haha, Ginger, 'a purpose in life.'

    The little witch seems to be quite a good motivator, too, if she helped you name the Jetsons earrings. I always find naming to be the hardest part of jewelry making, and that name is so perfect!

  4. Yes, yes, a purpose besides the box going to charity :0)


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