Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I went to Hobby Lobby for jump rings and then......

.....look what I came home with. I love it! It will be a beautiful and welcome addition to my new studio. I may start incoporating some of Emily's poetry into my listings, where appropriate of course, along with the classic rock stuff that never leaves my brain. Right now while I'm typing this "We are the Champions" is softly playing in the back of my mind. Don't ask me why, as I've not heard that song for eons and it never was one of my favorites. Just seems as though no matter how much I concentrate on any one thing, I always have music playing in my head as well. It's like having a built in I-Pod, but unfortunatly, I have no control over the song choice. Does that happen to anybody else? I'm curious to know. I really like this photo of my picture, as well. Can you see me in the glass with my camera {it's like a peek into my soul}. I can't wait to get it all hung up and in its proper place.

I just have to share this awesome rose bush that is taking over the front of my house. It is massive, I tell you and the pinkest pink you ever saw:

Of course, I had to take a picture of my nosey little friend who came out to see what all the commotion was about. Right after I took his picture, he promptly returned to his hiding place in the bricks.

Well, I'm off to make some more gorgeous things and do some laundry and other things I need to do. So Happy Tuesday and I'll talk to you all later.

xxoo & peace ~ Kathy


  1. I always get songs stuck in my head, usually thanks to my husband singing them. The latest has been the Alanis Morissette version of My Humps, which is funny, but not really what I want stuck in my head.

    Actually, getting an Ipod (the shuffle) has been a great tool for pushing things like this out!

  2. OMG! Is that for real? I'm so out of the "loop". I'm still laughing. I do have an MP3 player, but I hardly ever use it. I find I'm most creative in total silence, with the background music in my brain. Actually, that's how I come up with most of the names of my jewelry. Thanks for sharing! Peace & xxoo Kathy

  3. Your new blog is looking good. I try to come here as often as I can.
    "Tag! You're It!" Visit my blog to find out what I mean :)


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