Sunday, April 15, 2007

Buying & Selling

This is one of the necklaces I sold today. I just made it this morning with some of my new stones. They are gorgeous chunks of organic Green Garnet, looping around an antique copper coin with a beautiful smoky quartz teardrop. I just love it! I'll have to make one for myself {maybe tonight}.

Well, thanks to Maryam's Moroccan blog, I've just been crazy making stuff over here. I'm not complaining, so don't get me wrong. I love it though. A whole bunch of brand new customers that enjoy the earthy, organic style of Dornick Designs. I have a few more things to make tonight and then it's time for the Mail Center to open. I actually enjoy packaging up everything. I try to imagine the looks on one's faces as they open up each treasure and if they fall in love @ first sight {I always hope they do}.

Okay, now on to what I bought today! I've been eyeing this little fellow for quite a bit and decided that it was "right time" {one of my Grandmother's sayings} that he came to live with me before he ended up flying away for good and I missed out {which would have been so sad}. Anyway, he is a precious little fellow from "Curster": Isn't he the cutest! It reminds me of how I feel about Louisiana now and the influx of people we have in our town since hurricane Katrina. All the people, the traffic, the noise ~ I just can't take it anymore. I decided that I would fill my new studio with works of art that have special meaning for me. I'm going to purchase small prints, or original works, and have them adorning my walls & sparking my creativity. I can't wait to see this little fellow in person.

Well my little friends, I'm off to take my bath and then wash dishes after a wonderful dinner of Black Rice & Curry Chicken {before you get to jealous of my culinary abilities, it came in a box from Target'} It was quite yummy, though. The black rice turned the sauce a creamy brown color, so it seemed as though I was eating rice with a chocolate milk sauce that tasted like curry ~ Awesome.

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and I'll be back tomorrow. xxxoooo Kathy


  1. Congratulations Kathy! I viewed Maryam's moroccan blog. Beautiful. So glad you had another windfall as a result!
    Nice to see you on blogspot. It's different but I still like it. Your blog looks fantastic as always!


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