Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Keys, Turquoise & Leather

Hey everybody! Happy Tuesday. I hope everyone is have a wonderful week, so far. I got up early today so I could get a few new things made & listed and then it's off to continue cleaning out my studio ~ eek, what a chore. I have collected "stuff" for 45 years in various containers & boxes thinking that I may use it one day. So, I now have 8 boxes of "stuff" for Goodwill and then I'll be boxing up a whole slew of stuff to sent off to Anda @ Etsy Labs. Shew, I'll sure be glad when I'm done. I'll be sure and post photos of what I'm sending to Etsy and I hope they find good uses for it all. Anyway, here are a few new things I made and of course, you know where to find them if you want to see more pictures:

The Skeleton Key ~ gorgeous Black Onyx, an antique coin & key.

Gorgeous Turquoise, a huge brass coin & faceted Labradorite..

Yummy - Clementine {Natural Carnelian} & Gorgeous Smoky Quartz Briolettes, strung on the most scrumptious Chocolate leather you ever saw. They are way lovely.

Well my dears, off to the closet to start on my project again. I hope you have a wonderful evening. xxoo & peace ~ Kathy


  1. You make *the* coolest pieces, Kathy. I love them, all of them!

  2. I bet you find when you have your studio perfectly clean and orderly your creative instincts catch fire and you come up with a jillion new ideas. Getting rid of the old energy will give you more inspiration than you could have ever dreamed possible.

    Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your imagination!

  3. That is so true, Reese. I already have a stack of things waiting to make. I keep running across things and scribling drawings on a pad. Maybe tonight I can start working on some of them :0)


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